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5 Sales Tactics Real-Estate Agents use to Make a Sale

The real-estate business is not for the faint of heart. For either the agents themselves or those going through the process of buying a home. This, by no means, implies it is a wholly negative business. Far from it. It is one of the most fulfilling industries out there. For a real estate agent, there is no greater feeling than helping someone find their perfect home. And for the buyer, the peace of mind that comes with putting down that deposit is second to none.

Today we are going to examine the 6 most common, and effective, sales tactics used by real estate agents to make a sale. So, if you are looking to buy, you can be more aware of the tactics that will be used on you. And if you’re an up-and-coming agent, you might learn a new trick.

The Fake Offer

The most common and perhaps well-known technique in the book. Picture this. You are walking around a prospective home and you like what you see. You hear the price, and you show some hesitancy. The agent takes a sudden phone call and comes back to tell you someone else is looking to make an offer, but they can hold it off if you make one right now.

This is a classic sales tactic that is almost as old as sales itself. The fake offer puts you on the spot and puts pressure on you to give in to your desire without logical thought. More often than not they offer isn’t real at all. So be aware!

The Dream Home

Sales is a game of pleasing people. And real estate is no different. An agent will always come across as friendly and inquisitive. And one thing they will do is try to get you to open up about your dream home. Ideas you have on how to decorate the home you are viewing. Asking what changes you would make to the property. This actively puts your mind in the frame of already owning the property, and thus makes you more likely to buy.

The Vague Price

When it comes to selling a property, there is never one fixed price. When I tried to sell my home I was advised to set an upper and lower price range that I was willing to work in. So agents will always try to get the higher price. But to that end, they often start their negotiations by asking you what your budget is when buying. They will then see if they can get you to pay the higher price. Our advice is to always ask them what the prices are first. Then offer your budget.

The Competitor

A sneaky and powerful sales tactic. Agents will sometimes schedule a meeting for immediately as you are leaving the property. They will try to slow down your leaving so that you see the next potential buyers arrive. This is to make you aware that there is competition. Everyone knows a property will have other potential buyers. But when you see them up close, the threat becomes more real. And you are then more pressured to act quickly. Our advice is to stay sharp and never panic. These things take time. Rule with your head. Not your heart.

The Smell of Cookies

This one isn’t very malicious or sneaky at all. The smell of freshly baked cookies is synonymous with selling a home. It is an inviting smell that conjures up images of a perfect life. Days spent baking delicious goods with a happy family. It produces a positive reaction in the brain and makes you more open to the agent’s charm and sales tactics.

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