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6 Of the Best Blogs to Follow for Ace Marketing Advice

For your business to the seeth amount of success that you want it to you will need to become well versed in the current and most effective methods of marketing, marketing refers to the advertisement and content that you create to spread the word about your business and the products or services you have available. Without effective marketing strategies, you are limiting the number of customers you are seeing on a daily basis so I would highly recommend that you look online at helpful blogs and other resources to educate yourself.  


Social Rocket

The first blog that you should definitely follow if you are looking for helpful advice and tips to prove your marketing strategies would be Social Rocket, this pretty new website focuses primarily on how social media can be used as an advertising and, marketing platform, and covers things like how to boost your followers so that you can connect with more people. Warum sRocket is the question on everyone’s lips when you look at the other helpful marketing blogs that are already available. The thing that really sets Social Rocket apart from other websites is the quality of service and the fact that so many businesses have already taken advantage of this marketing tool.  

Hub Spot

Hub Spot is a marketing blog that allows members of the public and business owners from all over the world to connect with each other and post any marketing advice or strategies that proved to be effective for them. When you are looking at new methods of marketing it is always better to see that a business has seen some success as a result, this can provide peace of mind that when done correctly the marketing strategy has the potential to really help your business. 


Unbounce is another very useful marketing blog that you should definitely follow if you are a new business or you feel that it is time to switch up your marketing strategies to bring in more revenue. Unbounce has a variety of industry categories with unique and effective strategies for advertising your business within each section. As they have catered for such a wide range of industries you should definitely be able to find some tips and tricks to increase your profits no matter the nature of your business and the industry you are in. 


Smarp is a great tool for smaller businesses as it provides access to a range of resources that may not be so easily available to people who don’t have the necessary contacts or connections. Smarp is an independent blog that takes record of the most effective marketing strategies and posts them for the public to see. This platform is free to use and has been helping business owners bring in more custom and revenue into their businesses for some time now. If you find that your current methods of marketing are not cutting it then Smarp is the perfect place for finding some inspiration that could seriously improve your business ratings.  

Orbit Media

The next resource and blog that you should definitely take advantage of if you are looking for new and effective marketing strategies to be implemented in your own business would be  Orbit Media. Orbit media provides a huge inventory of contact information for people who can help with creating advertising and marketing content. If you are not already in touch with someone who can help you to produce advertising content then Orbit Media is the perfect place to advertise for the position and find someone who is going to do your company the justice that it deserves.  


The final marketing blog that you consider taking a look at for ace marketing advice is EMarketer, this blog is run by a number of industry professionals who have experience with marketing a wide range of business within different sectors. When you are just starting out your company it can be hard to know who you can trust to give you useful advice so the fact that this blog is run by those who know what they are talking about can provide peace of mind that you and your business are going to be looked after. 

Tanya Charlotte

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