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Buy YouTube Views – The Complete Guide

Can you think of a video streaming platform more popular than YouTube? There was a time when it was less common, but it seems as if everyone has caught the YouTube fever these days. The views that you see on videos tell the whole story too. While there are those YouTube videos That have a few views, hundreds of views, or thousands of views, there are those that have amassed millions of views.

As a content creator, YouTube subscribers, likes, and views are instrumental to your success. You want persons to spend time watching your YouTube videos, so that you can get whatever benefits are associated with the views, such a greater social media presence. Of course, views only count if people spend a certain amount of time watching a video. Likes and comments are also crucial to YouTube video performance, but views account for the most critical aspect of monitoring the success of a channel.

There are various ways for you to get views, and one of these is buying YouTube views. You need to understand that going this route saves you time, and it is very efficient in increasing the number of YouTube views that your channel receives.

Buying YouTube views is still a new concept to many persons. Therefore, people don’t discuss it very commonly in the conversation of the most popular way to go viral and increase channel likes and views. However, you can get all the information you need below to help you improve the number of views that each video you post can get.

History of YouTube

Have you ever wondered how the YouTube phenomenon got started? It wasn’t always a large platform with all the video entertainment persons could ever need. It’s time to take a trip back to February 2005. Back then, Jawed Karim, Steve Chen, and Chad Hurley decided to create the video streaming service. Before this, all three worked with PayPal.

By November of the following year, Google was interested in the platform and purchased it for $1.65 billion. This purchase is the reason that people sign into the YouTube platform with a Google account, as YouTube became integrated as a Google subsidiary.

The idea behind YouTube was to have a place where creators could set up a channel and upload videos that would get views from other persons. The viewers did not need to be members, but the members could also take the time to view videos that were uploaded by other members. Of course, there were also other systems, such as subscriptions, comments, likes, shares, reporting, etc., that all improved on the experience.

Now, YouTube watching is how many people get their entertainment. One can hop on to the platform and successfully search for just about anything that time can be spent watching. Of course, content creators get views on their YouTube videos from this process as well.

The YouTube Competitive Scene

During the inception period of the platform, channel presence, video uploads, likes, and views were not too high. While this meant that the platform wasn’t viral, it also said that competition wasn’t very present. It wasn’t uncommon for only one video to be present for a specific topic.

Today, it is nearly impossible to search for anything on YouTube and get only one or two results. Competition accounts for the way things are now. YouTube was destined to get more popular, which meant that more persons would create and spend time viewing content, and videos would go viral.

While no one could predict the way that the platform would take off over time, the concept was so compelling that the number of users could only grow.

If your YouTube channel is new and you lack followers from an outside source, you are likely to end up being one of those content creators that have way fewer views then others. Your content may not even get picked up in a search result, because there are so many other videos that are more popular.

If you choose to buy YouTube views, each video you post stands to benefit from the increased attention. This result happens because you open the possibility for the videos to get an increased number of likes, comments, and views. The more time people spend with each video you upload, the higher the potential for your channel to become a magnet for views.

YouTube Statistics You Should Note as You Buy YouTube Views

youtube statistics

Two Billion People Are Providing Video Views Worldwide

Before you buy YouTube views, you need to understand the landscape of the platform. This includes the time persons spend using it. You don’t just buy these views to achieve the number that matches your order. The point is to have these views improve your presence, which can lead to your channel being better placed in search results.

The two billion people mentioned here are those who log in to YouTube at least once a month. Therefore, you can begin to imagine the potential for views that you have if you should buy YouTube views to get a head start.

Only Facebook Rivals YouTube

Though many persons don’t view YouTube services like social media, it ranks second in popularity as a social media platform. The honor of first place rests with Facebook. Currently, over 75% of persons who use the Internet have a YouTube account. This number is another indication of the amount of time being spent on YouTube video entertainment. It would be best if you also viewed it as an affirmation of the need to buy YouTube views to strengthen your channel.

The platform is heavily being used, and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get a higher number of video views, likes, and comments. The choice to buy views on your videos is one of the best decisions that you can make to cement your position on such a popular video entertainment medium.

A Billion Hours of YouTube Content Are Consumed

How much time do people spend viewing videos, and what does this mean for your YouTube views? Studies show that a combined total of one billion video hours are generated on the platform every day. This time consists of an astronomical number of YouTube views across various channels.

Just imagine how much of these one billion hours you could get as time spent viewing videos on your channel every day. The best way to achieve this increase is to buy YouTube views.

Reasons to Buy YouTube Views

Why should you buy YouTube views? Couldn’t you increase the view count on each video without needing to spend money? What do you get from buying YouTube views that you don’t from approaching the process in another way? If you are unsure what an order of YouTube views can do for you, take some time to review the information below.

A Competitive Chance When You Buy YouTube Views

As stated before, the YouTube algorithm is more competitive now than it has ever been. You can’t get likes or views as quickly as you could a decade ago. While it is true that the platform has more individuals viewing video content on it than ever, the number of creators has also skyrocketed. In addition to that, you’ll need to make sure that your videos are SEO optimized in order to have a chance against other competing channels on YouTube. This video optimization includes – generate best tags for your video, optimize your video title and description, choose an engaging thumbnail.

New video makers aren’t your only source of worry too. Even if no new channels were ever to be created, you are competing for views with other channels that are way more established than yours. Imagine that you run a new gaming channel. When new games come out, it’s common to see gaming channels doing predictions, reviews, and playthroughs.

If you and PewDiePie were supposed to post a video reviewing the same new game, which of the videos do you think would get more views? PewDiePie would not even need to order the game, as the publisher may send him a free copy for review. How do you compete with odds like that?

Unless you get your views up through buying YouTube views, your videos can’t go viral enough to be automatically recommended. Should you decide to buy YouTube views, you can then address that problem. The best part is that you can get your views in 24 hours.

Embrace the Search Algorithm When You Buy YouTube Views

search algorithm

If you search for anything on YouTube, you may notice that the videos that top the search results are those that have the highest number of views. Each video is evaluated on its popularity, and views heavily influence this. As a video generates likes, comments, and views, the chances of being ranked higher in searches increases.

When you buy views for a video, you give yourself a chance to increase your numbers. Therefore, it is more likely for new sets of eyes to see each video, which contributes to your success on the platform.

Revenue Potential from Buying YouTube Views

While things have changed over time, YouTube remains a place where content creators can earn a living. You cannot begin to benefit from this until your channel has proven itself through subscriptions, views, likes, and comments. Why do you think some people make unbelievable sums of money from YouTube while others seem to make almost nothing?

Getting to this point of popularity is that much easier if you buy YouTube views.

Things to Be Aware of and Risks of Buying YouTube Views

Do Not Buy Bot Views for a Video

bad bot

Unfortunately, those who decide to buy YouTube views often must deal with people telling them that the practice is an unlawful one. However, this is not the case. Imagine that you were a boxer, and you had a huge fight coming up. The company that is selling tickets to your battle is only concerned with doing good numbers in ticket sales. If you were to buy tickets for all your friends, there would be absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What would be a problem is if you hacked the system somehow and inflated the number of ticket sales without real tickets being sold. Apply this concept to the purchase of YouTube views.

There is nothing wrong if you buy your video views from a provider that uses a network of real people. If bots are used, however, then you run several risks, including the potential loss of your channel. Even a boost within a window of 24 hours isn’t worth it.

You Still Need Good Content After You Buy YouTube Views

Don’t think that being able to buy views means that you should not concern yourself with taking the time necessary to create and upload the best video content possible. An order of views allows you to get your video likes and views up quickly, but to go past what you have purchased requires an effort on your part.

Do not blame the service for not delivering if you fail to create good content. Should you buy YouTube views, you can expect to see the order completed quickly. However, your content needs to be self-sustaining at that point for you to realize the true potential of the increase that you have granted yourself. Buying YouTube views doesn’t catapult you to success with no effort. Also, stick to content that you have the rights reserved for.

Don’t Buy YouTube Views from Fishy Sites

Many persons are aware of how competitive the YouTube services scene has gotten. Therefore, they set up fake sites that promise to provide increased views, likes, and YouTube subscribers. You must remain aware of the fact that these sites exist, as you don’t want to be one of the unfortunate content creators that got caught in such a regrettable trap. Even if you see an amazing ad on social media that promises to boost your video numbers, investigate thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying YouTube Views

Before you buy YouTube views, you likely have several questions or concerns that you need to be addressed. After all, this is not a topic that is covered very much, and there can be some discomfort and fear attached to increasing your video views this way.

The bulk of these questions are always the same, regardless of who is asking them. So, this section features comprehensive answers to the most asked questions about buying YouTube views. Before you order, read through the answers, as it is a good way for you to feel more confident in the process before you buy views.

Is It Illegal to Buy Views on YouTube?

As YouTube views and likes are fundamental to measuring progress and success on the platform, many concerns are raised about the legal aspect of buying these views for your videos. If you should decide to spend your money on views, are you committing an offense that is punishable by law?

The short answer to this is no. If getting YouTube views this way were an illegal practice across the board, you would be surprised to see how many of your favorite YouTube channels would be implicated in the practice for inflated video view counts. You probably would not have one left to watch after the associated consequences were brought into the mix.

As stated before, the illegal part of the whole operation is using a bot service to increase the views on your videos. This concern is the reason that you should verify the source of views used by whatever provider you choose. YouTube is very good at identifying numbers that are being inflated by bots.

Not only do you compromise the integrity of your channel with bot use, but you can have your channel flagged and even removed entirely. Don’t let anyone tell you that spending your money on authentic YouTube views that come from real people is an illegal practice.

Can You Buy Real Views on YouTube for Videos?

buy real views

This question is as common as it is because of disbelief. Everyone knows that there is a lot that you can achieve with money, but can you buy views for your videos that come from real people? It seems strange, doesn’t it? Though using bots to generate views is an illegal practice, it is one that is easier to comprehend because of the underlying technology.

That’s because a bot service would be a computer program executing some pre-programmed tasks. People have seen artificial intelligence-based systems do all sorts of unbelievable things. The lack of an artificial element is what makes people question the potential for acquiring real YouTube views through purchase.

There is only one way for a legitimate provider to help you to get more YouTube views this way. The answer is networking. The reason that bot-based sites cannot get you real YouTube views is that there is no network of persons that they can rely on to generate the views. Therefore, an underhanded tactic is brought into the mix to make up for this.

However, a trustworthy provider has an agreement with an incredible network of individuals who are compensated for the views that they grant videos. This contributes to an organic increase in YouTube video views for you within 24 hours. The best part is you don’t run any risks with these video numbers, since you are not committing any offense.

Are YouTube Views Worth Buying?

Though many people ask this question, the answer is not one that applies across the board. This must be a query that you ask yourself based on the purpose you have for providing the world with video content through YouTube. Do you upload videos because you are bored, or are you trying to achieve something more significant with your channel?

You don’t ever want to make a purchase that you regret afterward. This is a concept known as post-purchase cognitive dissidence, and it comes with a wealth of negative emotions. Avoid all that by making proper consideration.

No matter what purpose you have in mind, you should appreciate YouTube as a video platform that can turn into a lucrative source of income for you. Once you see things that way, then buying YouTube views is an investment in your video packages.

The point of an investment is the yield a return. The initial order that you make grants your channel a bunch of views. This process helps to shine a spotlight on your content, which means even more YouTube views, in addition to likes, comments, shares, etc.

How Much Money Does One Million YouTube Views Make?

making money

Many persons want a breakdown of the numbers to see the kind of potential earnings available from buying views. Of course, you aren’t going to buy 1 million views. However, this is not as straightforward as you may think. The payout that a YouTuber receives is heavily based on advertisers. Why do you believe monetized videos tend to have one or more ads in them?

You can think of it in the same way that you do TV. Advertisers want to get their content shown in between programs that people are watching. Similarly, they want to ensure that YouTube watchers see whatever it is that they have to offer.

To calculate how much you can make in a million YouTube views, you need a few numbers. Bear in mind that these are averages, as things can fluctuate, which could make the actual payment higher or lower.

First, there is the payment rate for views. YouTube advertisers pay an average of $0.18 per view. Your first impression may be that this is great because the payout for a million YouTube views equals $0.18 times a million, which equates to $180,000.

While that would be amazing, that is not how it works. First, Google AdSense keeps 32% of advertiser payments, while the content creator gets 68%. Additionally, a view is only counted if a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of the advertisement. Of course, this metric does not apply to those brief ads that cannot be skipped. Statistics show that only 15% of viewers stick around for the whole 30 seconds.

When you bring all this together, here is what you get. Of a million views, only 150,000 people are likely to watch the ad long enough for it to count. If the rate is $0.18 per view, then that means Google charges the advertiser $27,000. The company retains 32% of this, which means that the YouTuber receives $18,360.00.

Note that fluctuations are possible, based on the number of video ads. The advertiser rate and the number of people who meet the 30-second threshold ad view threshold also matter. Also, copyright strikes can take monetization away, so ensure you aren’t posting content that you don’t have rights reserved for.

Can YouTube Tell If You Buy Views?

People ask this question because they do not want to get caught buying YouTube views. While YouTube can tell that you have bought views, this only happens if your provider is not reputable and uses artificial techniques to help you get more views, such as the implementation of bots.

YouTube has an automated system that pauses the number of views on a video while it evaluates the authenticity of the entities that are generating them. This tends to show itself in the form of the view count being stopped at 301 views momentarily.

If you buy views for a video from a trusted provider that uses real people, then you have nothing to worry about. To the website, it looks no different than a bunch of interested people randomly stumbling on and deciding to watch your video. It also has nothing to do with gaining a huge number of views in 24 hours.

Just stay away from inorganic and underhanded techniques. If any of those are present on your video, that’s when you need to worry about YouTube finding out and acting on the issue by punishing you for buying views that are shady.

What Is the Best Website to Buy YouTube Views From?

Much of the information that has been provided to you so far speaks to ensuring that you buy YouTube views from a legitimate provider. The consequences that you may have to deal with if you go the route of a fake or underhanded provider aren’t worth it. This is especially true if you spent your time and put in the effort to produce high-quality YouTube content to get more views.

If you want to avoid having to deal with this in your quest for YouTube views, then there is one question to answer. Which website can you trust? It must be one that conducts business safely and legally. Additionally, the quoted views should be provided in full after your payment has been made.

Of course, the source of these views also matters. By now, you should understand generating YouTube views from bots is a terrible idea. Therefore, human views are what you need.

There is no better option than GetFans. The reasons for this recommendation boil down to the previous points of discussion. This is a website that does not engage in the sale or trade of user information for any reason. Additionally, it participates in legal business practices and safely conducts all transactions. The best part is that you get your views.

Once you make an order, the views that you get are from real human beings that are a part of a robust network. You also get them in 24 hours. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about harsh penalties being brought against you.

Does YouTube Delete Views That You Buy?

Here is another critical point of concern. If you have any intention to buy YouTube views, it means that your hard-earned money is going to become a part of the process. That becomes a big waste if YouTube is going to remove the views you purchased on a whim.

The platform administrators have the power to remove views if they wish. However, the YouTube views removed are those that were acquired through means that violate the YouTube terms of service. For example, imagine that someone decided to buy their views from a fake site that uses bots to inflate YouTube channel numbers.

The YouTube services algorithm would be able to pick up the fact that there is an automated process at work. Once this happens, the decision may be taken to remove the views that were obtained by these means.

You may find that it is taken a step further. Sometimes, YouTube sees it fit to delete a video or to remove a channel entirely. Someone may even get banned from the platform, which means that the person is not even allowed to create another channel.

Is the Video View Buying Process Anonymous?

As sad as it is to say, there is no standard answer to this. The sensitivity of such a transaction should naturally warrant the need for anonymity, but this is not always the case. While it is unlikely for a provider to disseminate customer information for no reason, there is a greater sense of protection with a trusted platform.

Even some of the sites that sell legitimate YouTube views don’t always put an extraordinary effort into keeping user information safe. This protection is one of the reasons that GetFans is recommended as an optimal site for your YouTube view purchases.

There is a dedicated effort that goes into ensuring that there are no user information leaks on purpose or otherwise.

Are There More Practical Ways of Getting Views Than Choosing to Buy Them?

It’s always good to consider every option you have before you commit to any decision. Not only does this reduce the magnitude of regret that you expose yourself to, but it is also a way to ensure that you make the best decision in any context. The world of YouTube views is no different.

Of course, buying YouTube views is not the only way for you to increase the number that you have. You could also attempt to build your audience the usual way. This means relying on your content to act as a marketing tool and a magnet to new viewers.

While doing this is not impossible, the chances of pulling it off are slim to none, based on the sheer level of market saturation in the world of YouTube content creation. Even if you do manage to gain some traction this way, it tends to happen at a languid pace. The worst part is that it is still unlikely to garner the kind of attention that purchased YouTube views can.

So, the short answer is that there is no way to increase YouTube views that is more practical than buying them. This is assuming that you make your purchase from a reputable source.

Conclusion on Buying Views for Videos


YouTube stands among the leaders in the world as an entertainment platform. People of all ages and demographics are internet users with a YouTube account. This means that there is a huge potential audience to appeal to. The problem is that there are so many content creators that you may never reach them.

You compete for YouTube views with creators who are just as new as you are. Some are established and have a huge following and a good reputation. Being seen is hard enough when you must deal with those kinds of odds.

Thankfully, there is a potential silver bullet in the form of buying YouTube views for a video. Obviously, you aren’t going to buy 1 million views. However, you can give your video content a head start to get there. You must, however, put in the required effort to provide high-quality content, so that people feel compelled to subscribe to your YouTube channel and place likes on your content. They may even follow you on social media platforms. This increases the likelihood that subsequent videos do well. Remember, you can’t buy your success.

The provider that you order from must be one that provides views from real persons in 24 hours. If not, then you run the risk of dealing with some dire consequences, as using artificial means, such as bots, exclusively goes against YouTube’s terms of service. You should never buy YouTube views from unreputable sources.

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