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How Cosmetic Companies Utilise Celebrities to Attract Customers

The cosmetics industry is one with various different branches within it, from hair and makeup to more elaborate procedures such as botox and lip injections, the beauty industry would have to be one of the busiest industry-wide. When it comes to connecting with potential customers the beauty industry is also one of the most marketing-driven with many different methods of advertising to encourage more and more people to buy their products and increase chances of multiple sales and brand loyalty. One of the most effective methods of advertising would be the use of celebrity influence in advertisements and with celebrity endorsements to increase sales.

With so many new and innovative developments within the cosmetics company, there has been a lot of work available for celebrities who use their platform and large following to recommend certain products to their audience. One of the most recent developments that saw a huge boost in popularity is the benefits of microcannula for lip injections, with celebrities showing how these new needles left minimal scarring and bruising in comparison to the older version it saw a huge boost in sales thanks to celebrity influence.


Models Within Advertising

Beauty brands have been using perfect models and celebrities within their advertising campaigns for many years now, in the hope that seeing a familiar face of a celebrity who is very popular will encourage you to buy a product. This is very effective especially due to the influx of beautiful and popular celebrities that are part of the world we live in, for a small fee brands are able to show a celebrity using and endorsing a product to encourage the celebrities fans to go out and buy it for themselves.


Social Media Influencers

In recent years the social media platform of Instagram has given birth to many social media influencers who are all ready with their insane amount of followers to endorse products in return for a payment or partnership with a specific brand. For all involved, it seems like a good deal with the influencer gaining fame and fortune and the brand being able to reach a large number of potential customers very easily. With many social media influencers having huge amounts of fans and followers on a global scale thanks to their appearances on television it makes sense that beauty brands would use them to their advantage.


Promotional Codes

Another common occurrence within the cosmetics industry and the world of Instagram is the use of promotional codes and affiliate links offering a discount on some of the world’s biggest cosmetic companies. The influencer simply has to use a product within a post on one of their platforms and with a code offering a small discount the brand receives more custom whilst each time a customer uses the code the influencer receives a fee, this has to be one of the most profitable incomes sources for influencers due to the fact that they have so many followers.


Celebrity Collaborations

Another way in which celebrities are used by cosmetic brands to attract more customers is when a beauty brand teams up with a celebrity for a cosmetics product or collection. This is a great way to attract more customers to a brand as many collectors out there will want to purchase a product that has been made by their favorite celebrity. This is again something that is beneficial for both the brand and the celebrity involved in the product collaboration as both will receive the profit and the industry attention as well as the opportunity to come together to make something the customers will really love.

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