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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

Lots of doubtful or dubious people out there don’t believe that it is likely to earn money online, especially social media sites. There are a lot of success stories of those individuals who have made their wealth online. One way you can be an online sensation is via YouTube, and if you’re lucky enough, an online millionaire. 

This article will be discussing how to make money on YouTube and how content creators make millions on YouTube. You can use this YouTube money calculator to know how much YouTube sensation makes precisely. 

Certainly, for many YouTubers out there, if you ask them how much they make, they answer very little to nothing. But, there are a lot of YouTube sensations that make a decent living off their channels. What is more, there is a small group of elite individuals who make a superb income through the videos they make and post online. 

There are niches which are easier to make a profit. However, make sure to focus on the things you love doing or irrelevant. Perhaps the most thriving niche is gaming. Let us face the truth that gaming is a big industry, and a lot of players have sensible levels of optional and flexible gain to spend. You can also try other niches such as: 

  • Lifehacks
  • Top [X] Lists
  • Celebrity gossip
  • News
  • Compilations of people’s fails (including amateur Jackass antics)
  • Kitchen hacks 
  • Food reviews and recipes 
  • Product unwrapping and opening like new mobile devices 
  • How to 
  • Funny and weird animal activities
  • Spoofs
  • FAQ

Fairly Successful YouTube Channels


With perseverance, aside from on camera-skill, in due course, you must pull yourself out of the graveyard of YouTube’s poor performers. By this point, you must be getting some AdSense profit on a monthly basis, with affiliate marketing taking too if you have selected to go down that niche.

If you have 20K subscribers, you may dwell on requesting for crowdfunding assistance via Patreon. The average contributor in Patreon donates $7, with keeping five percent of pledges as a commission. However, it must be noted that when uploading videos on a regular basis, you tend to get recurring payments from your supporters.

Once your YouTube channel starts to become known or viral for short, they must be looking to carry out more with their AdWords. A good example of this is deliberately chasing keywords with a relatively high CPS or cost per click. In case it is a review channel, you can concentrate on reviewing items that attract ads that have a higher cost per click.

At this point, you can be popular to the extent that companies and brands are asking you a favor to promote their services and products. Yet, by the standard of YouTube, this channel is still small. As a result, profit earned from sponsorship, as well as product placement, is not enough for you to live off.

Well, according to experts, the life of the YouTube channels in the middle years is often the hardest. The owners of the channel often have to work 24 hours making high quality video content, but people view them as kindly influential. Certainly, the channels are not making a considerable income. Like for example, Dunn, who operates a video channel called Just Between Us along with a friend, has 728,866 subscribers at present. You would believe that would be sufficient to make sure financial survival. Yet, he says that in spite of this huge success, they are just barely scraping by. It is not sufficient to live, and its invasion is unpredictable.

Certainly, it all depends on the audience. One problem encountered by some YouTubers out there is that their followers are anti-capitalists, anti-establishment as well as anti the thought, which their YouTube heroes may be offering themselves out. Other sorts of channels, like gaming channels, review channels, and business-related, have it easier. Their followers or subscribers look forward to these channels to make a profit, so do not resist assisting them out.

With regards to earning an income on YouTube, success breeds success. You’ll see that the hardest money to make is the first. If you have lots of subscribers, many people will click on your advertisements. When many people click on the ads, the more you make a name and the higher the chance of brands providing sponsorship or merchandise deals.

What Are You Able to Earn in Your YouTube Channel’s Early Days?

You are implausible to be getting anything as you upload your first content on YouTube. You’re a video fledging, and surely a long way from being regarded as an online influencer. But, each one has to begin from nothing. Even the most popular influencer out there like PewDiePie was an unidentified uploading his very first video in 2010. Now, 

he is very popular in which people make videos interviewing the early subscribers of PewDiePie on whether they feel famous. 

In speculation, you can register for an AdSense account (or YouTube Partner Program) and let your YouTube channel for monetization from the time you make a channel. In practice, you’re improbable to make real money until you have lots of traffic to your website, meaning genuine traffic from real followers who view your videos, not through buying YouTube views. 

Although there some adverts which are cost per thousand views, a lot are cost per click. In order to gain anything from an ad, you need viewers to click on the advertisement. Just a small fraction of the viewers will click on the advertisements surrounding your uploaded videos. Even the cost per thousand views ads in the uploaded video itself needs more than just a cursory glance. In order to be included for payment, viewers should view them for 30 seconds. Think of the number of people skipping past the advertisement at the beginning of the video, thus wiping out any possibility of payment to the channel. Once viewers view or click on your advertisements for long enough to gain income, you share ad income with YouTube. You will just get paid if the AdSense accounts become $100. In the early days of your channels, you’re building up your reputation instead of building an income. 

One part you may begin to earn money with a small figure of subscribers is once you choose a renowned subject and join in affiliate marketing. Like for example, once the video review a renowned kind of product, and then you link to a sales page for which product you may start to earn a profit that way. 

For a sound idea of how many online sensations make, use this YouTube income estimator and import the YouTube channel of the user. 

Your Success as Content Blogger Starts at 1,000,000

YouTube Gold Play button
YouTube Gold Play Button, Creator Awards

If your subscribers reach millions, your life becomes easier. This channel is starting to find prominence and start to become known as being an online influencer in a specific niche. However, 1K subscribers sound relatively few; however, this channel is still no in the elite category. Now, there are more than 2K channels in the 1,000.000 club. Many of these are certified channels by celebrities, superstars, especially official music channels of Rihanna and Justin Bieber, however, quite a few are just everyday individuals who have set themselves up a YouTube following.

Google pays out 68 percent of its AdSense profits, so for each USD100 an advertiser gives out, Google pays USD68 to the content provider or publisher. However, there is a difference in the actual rate on advertiser pays. This is normally between USD0.10 to USD0.30 for every view; on the other hand, it averages out at USD0.18 for every view. About 15 percent of followers, on average, view the needed thirty seconds of a video ad in order to qualify for the payment. So, meaning for 1K views, 300 of them will likely watch an advertisement.

At USD0.18 for every view, Google will charge the advertiser USD27, keeping 9 percent of the whole payment for themselves, and then your YouTube channel will get USD18 for every 1,000 views. Well, this is a good number for starter content providers like you.

If you have 1K followers on your YouTube channel, you have the traffic to gain acceptable money. Clearly, it is vital for a YouTube channel to keep on uploading new videos, at least 1 to 2 content a week. Once your YouTube channel can get it whole fanbase of 1M to view two new videos a week, it would get each week: $18 x 1K x2= $36,000 week. This is from AdSense alone.

Obviously, by this stage, a YouTube channel also tends to have opportunities for sponsorship, product placements, and endorsements. A lot of YouTube celebrities will also be sufficiently known that they are able to trade in products to their followers. A review channel with this high number of the fanbase will often make a decent amount of cash with affiliate marketing, although they are just tied in with online stores like Amazon, and the moderately low 1 to 10 percent marketing payment rates to affiliates.

The Most Popular and Renowned YouTube Stars 

There are real YouTube stars, the majority of them get a soaring income from uploading videos and their activities on this social network website. 

It is not likely to source exact profits on this social network- there are a lot of variables as well as undisclosed numbers. On the other hand, there are lots of sites out there which offer a best guess of the profits earned by the renowned and popular channels. One trustworthy and reliable website recently issues a list of the highest-paid YouTubers. These top 10 YouTube channels managed to gross $2.5M each in pre-tax profit. Felix Kjellberg or popular known as PewDiePie from Sweden, managed to earn $12m a year- not bad for someone who spends his time playing video games. 

Some of the top 10 high paying YouTube stars at this point takes account of:

  • PewDiePie – $12 million
  • Smosh – $8.5 million
  • Fine Brothers with a profit of $8.5 million a year
  • Lindsey Stirling with a profit $6 million a year
  • Rhett & Link with a profit of $4.5 million a year
  • KSI with a profit of $4.5 million a year
  • Michelle Phan with a profit of $3 million a year
  • Lilly Singh with a profit of $2.5 million a year
  • Roman Attwood with a profit of $2.5 million a year
  • Rosanna Pansino with a profit of $2.5 million a year

Money Nation took out their YouTube calculator and computed that PieDiePie was worth USD78M. He is a good example of how to earn from YouTube. Of course, you can’t take for granted the significance of his earnings in merchandise. According to the report, his merchandise profits over the year is USD41M to go with the projected USD112M he gained straight from his channel on this social network site. Also, they compute the yearly salary of PewDiePie to be about USD14M million. 

While he is the exception instead of the norm, his success when it comes to finances has to be a good sign for all content providers all over the world. His numbers must be inspirational targets for those who are just starting to build up a channel.

 Is it easy to make cash on this social networking site? No. Earning passive income on YouTube is hard. Time and working hard is very vital to reach your success. Making high quality content is not enough to build a reputation, but also you need to promote them. Developing a relationship with the audience is also vital. On the other hand, PewDiePie proved that you could also become a successful YouTube content provider. You can be a popular influencer to your followers and wealthy at the same time. All you need to do is to endure and continue to exists those learn early times as well as hard and stressful middle years. Content providers who are able to make it through will prosper very nicely, and this is for sure. 

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