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How To Optimize Your Online Blog for Maximum Exposure

It is a mind-boggling fact that the internet is only a little over twenty years old. It only just became able to drink in America. Yet you would be forgiven for thinking the internet has been around forever. Considering how big a part of our day to day life it has now become.

But with the rapid growth of the internet, we have also seen a massive saturation in the amount of content out there. Gone are the days of a small handful of sites dominate the scene. Now there are hundreds upon hundreds of sites relating to any given topic.

This is why it can be difficult for a newcomer to make their voice heard on the world wide web. No matter what it is you are doing. Selling a product. Posting movie reviews. Providing tech support. You are going to be facing some serious competition. And to get a leg up on them, you need to know how to optimize your online blog to receive maximum exposure.


What does optimization actually mean? It can be difficult to comprehend how a blog can be optimized. In this age, the search engine algorithm is the be-all and end-all of any website. If you aren’t showing up on the front page, you aren’t going to get any exposure.

Optimization is the process of refining every aspect of your blog to make it both visually appealing and algorithm appealing. There are a number of different methods you can employ to successfully do this. We are going to cover a few below.

Strong Links

It might be confusing to think of a link as being strong or weak. But the links you use on your page matter. They matter more than most people realize. For instance, if you are linking to a lot of unrelated websites that have nothing to do with your blog, chances are the algorithm will assume it is spam and rank you down.

Whereas linking to related sites that have a good following and nice layout will play in your website’s favor. It will boost your standing. This process can be difficult so we suggest talking to an expert like to get a better understanding of how to proceed.


Your site layout is important. For two reasons. Firstly impressions are the first reason. A website with a strong design and proper layout is going to entice new visitors to look around and encourage them to read what you have to say or engage your services.

The second reason is accessibility. Your website needs to be simple and easy to navigate. Any visitor needs to be able to find the information they seek with extreme ease. No hiding topics or pages deep in link trails. Including a working search function is a strong move.

This also affects your website standing. A good looking website will get more favorable reviews. And the algorithm can pick up on complaints and compliments relating to website design.


The best way to increase your exposure is to work with other blogs. We aren’t talking about renting advertising space, but building a working relationship with other creators or businesses. You can link to each other’s pages to boost both your standings. This also shows visitors that you are actively participating in the community you are part of. This is a great sign to any potential clients and only serves to help maximize your exposure.


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