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Most Common YouTube Video Ideas

It cannot be denied that online media already plays an important role in the daily lifestyle of millions of people all over the world. It is useful for information, communication, entertainment, education, and more. One of the most popular online media platforms is YouTube. Watching videos is among the favorite pastimes of the people nowadays. You are free to watch your favorite videos, including movies, music videos, and more. In addition, it also allows you to share videos to your family, friends, and the world.

The good thing about YouTube is that you can also make it an effective tool to earn extra money. You can do this by creating your own YouTube channel. You may not know it, but you can receive great rewards if your channel gets lots of views. Meanwhile, it takes time, courage, and dedication to be a successful YouTube influencer. It might takes time, but if you wondered how to find your niche on YouTube, then this article is definitely for you – You need your channel content to be interesting for your audience, only this way you’ll be able to attract lots of viewers. Well, are you an aspiring YouTuber? If yes, this article is perfect for you. The following is a comprehensive list of the best YouTube Video Ideas for your YouTube channel.

  • Make an Introduction

As a beginner in YouTube video creation, it is important to make an introductory video that tells something about yourself. You must give your audience information about who you are and what videos you’re going to provide. As a YouTuber, you need to connect with your audience. So, you must have an introduction that can give you authority as a content creator.

  • Introductory Video about Your Company

If you create content on behalf of your organization or nonprofit, it is also necessary to introduce your business. You can share the products, services, or things you do with your company.

  • Meet the Team

Another concept you can do is to introduce the team of your organization. To have a personal connection with your audience, you need to introduce the people in your company or business. It can also help you to win the trust of your viewers about your company’s team.

  • Product Review

In today’s modern generation, people browse online media for the items that they are going to buy. So, one YouTube idea is to do a product review. You can review a trending product that is related to your industry. With this, you can inform and entertain your viewers. It can help viewers to make purchasing decisions for their needs.

  • Opinion Videos

You can make exposure by giving your opinion about the current interesting topics. If there’s a huge debate that is related to your market, you can express your thoughts about it.

  • Make a Vlog

Do you want to share your experience to other people? Then, it is a good move to do vlogging. Just like a written blog, you can also share entertaining, educational, personal, inspirational, and other interesting videos. Individuals and businesses can benefit from vlogging. It is helpful to engage your target audience. It can also help businesses to enhance their brand recognition. Your vlog may include pictures, animation, and more.

  • Tour Video

Another YouTube idea is creating a tour video. With this video format, you can show your home, room, office, neighborhood, and other places that you love.

  • A Day in the Life

If you want to share your story, you can make A Day in the Life videos. You can make videos starting when you wake up in the morning and your activities in your daily routine.

  • Lists

You can make a list of interesting topics. So, you can entertain your viewers while offering them valuable information.

  • Explainer Video

It is a good way to introduce your company, products, services, or app. Explainer videos allow you to provide a helpful information about your product. It can help you promote your brand if you have a business.

  • Behind the Scenes

You can create behind the scenes of your vlog, event, business, or YouTube channel. You can also include the bloopers to entertain your viewers.

  • Educational Videos

If you like to educate your viewers, you can make educational videos about a specific topic. Make sure that you have knowledge of what you’re talking about. Provide reliable information about the subject that you discuss.

  • How-to Videos

How-to videos can be like educational videos. The only difference is that how-to videos provide steps on how to perform an action or use a product. This YouTube content is famous since it can help the viewers to solve a problem. For example, you can make interesting videos like how to fall asleep, how to treat acne, and more.

  • Unboxing Videos

Another famous YouTube content is unboxing videos. You can open sealed boxes of the latest products or gadgets which can catch the attention of your viewers. It can also help you to win more subscribers for your channel.

  • Music Videos

If you are an aspiring YouTuber who has talent in music, you can make music videos. You can show your advocacy like helping the unfortunate through making music videos. With this, you can inspire people while sharing your talent in music.

  • Favorite/ Best of Videos

You can create Favorite/ Best of Videos to show your favorite products. You can compare them and do reviews. You may not know it, but it can also help people in choosing the best product for their needs. It can also boost the exposure of less popular products.

  • Parody Video

Do you want to have fun while making a video? Then, creating a Parody video is a great solution. You can make a fun and entertaining video that can make people laugh and entertained.

  • Create a Comedy Skit

Watching funny videos is also among the favorite hobbies of individuals today. Film a comedy skit to make people laugh as they visit your YouTube channel. You can ask your family or friends to make a funny video.

  • Challenge Video

If you want thrilling videos, you can prefer for making challenge videos. Do challenging tasks and post them on your channel. You can have fun while making the video at the same time you can also entertain your viewers.

  • Friends Videos

Another popular content style on YouTube is Friends Videos. You can share a fun day or experience with your friends. It can provide your audience with the feeling as they belong to the group. Aside from enjoying quality time with your friends, you can also give others a source of entertainment.

  • Tutorials

Tutorials are also good YouTube video ideas. Tutorials can be created by different topics. For example, you can create language tutorials, gaming tutorials, makeup tutorials, cooking tutorials, technology tutorials, and more. You can teach your viewers on how to acquire skills that they can use for their business or daily life. Make sure to give comprehensive and reliable tutorial videos.

  • Pranks

One of the most successful ideas on YouTube is pranks. You can begin from smaller pranks that can truly entertain others. You could prank your family or friends since they could forgive you if they discovered that you pranked them. If you are bored, prank videos can give you a high level of fun and entertainment.

  • Interviews

You can be updated on the latest events and news in your location. Then, you can search for people you could interview for your YouTube channel. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to look for a famous interviewee. You can look for people with interesting stories, so viewers can get inspiration and motivation from it. You can show more engaging stories that people can relate to.

  • Q and A Videos

Once you boost the recognition of your channel, you can make Q and A videos. You can ask your audience for their questions. Then you can choose your favorites and answer them. You can also get their questions posted on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. This idea also tackles different subjects. You can answer questions about your personal life or about the video that you upload.

  • Animal Videos

You can also do animal videos that are perfect for pet lovers. Feature your pet who can do funny and entertaining things. You can film your pet and provide them treats to encourage them to give you a good show.

  • Tips Videos

Just like tutorials and educational videos, tips, videos also provide valuable information to your viewers. However, tips videos are more simplified. For example, you can provide 10 tips to boost your immune system. You can think of different topics which can help people to achieve the best results. You can deliver it casually, informal, and with humor. You can provide tips about gaming, health, beauty, and more.

  • Things to Do

To prevent boredom, you must discover new things to do. You can also share it to others through your YouTube channel. You can create Things to Do videos and help your viewers to find interesting things to do when they are bored. For example, you can do things to do during the holidays, things to do if you are bored, things to do in a specific place, and more.

  • Cute Video

Creating cute videos is also a good video idea. You can film your pet or baby sibling doing cute things. For sure, the adorable video can make people smile. Who knows, but it can be a Kickstarter for your channel.

  • Animations  

Most YouTube users also love watching animations. So, you can make custom animations to tell a story. It can also be an effective way to promote an event or business. You can also create animation videos to inform your audience about important topics. Aside from offering a valuable content, you can also enhance your skills in animation.

  • Showcasing your Talents

Showcasing your talents and abilities is also a nice YouTube video idea. You can entertain your audience by making dancing videos. You can also share your talents in singing, drawing, sports, and more. It is also a good idea to showcase the amazing and unique talent that can catch the attention of the people.

  • Celebrity Gossip Videos

Celebrity Gossip Videos are also engaging content for your YouTube channel. People are fascinated by celebrities, and they want to stay updated about their favorite celebrities. So, you can make news about the latest gossip videos about celebrities.

  • Presentation or Webinar

If you provide a presentation or webinar for your business, you can post it to your YouTube channel. With this, people who missed it can watch it again.

  • Workout Video

Workout video is one of the most popular YouTube ideas you can do. It cannot be denied that all of us want to stay healthy and fit. You can post-workout video because it is among the most in-demand videos that fitness-conscious viewers search on YouTube. You can provide videos on how to perform the exercise and other fitness programs like stretching, circuit, yoga, and more.

  • What’s on My Phone Videos

We live in a digital and modern generation where gadgets like mobile phones are already a big part of the daily living of the people. So, you can make What’s on My Phone videos to keep your viewers updated about the coolest and latest apps.

  • Shopping Haul

People love shopping. One great video idea is Shopping Haul. It is perfect for vloggers who are interested in beauty and fashion. You can shop at the mall and show off your haul one by one.

  • Mashups

You can also make video mashups by combining different clips into a single new video. For example, you can make funny videos by combining 2 different movie clips, songs, and other sources.

  • Collection Videos

Do you have a massive item collection? Then, you can share it on your channel. You can make collection videos and showcase your shoe closet, Lego collection, clothing collection, and other amazing collections. It is a good way to catch the attention of viewers, especially those who are aspiring collectors. You can share to the world about your passion.

  • Commentaries/ Fan Videos

You can share your theories and reaction to your favorite movie. With this, you can express your thoughts and opinion, which can also inform others about your subject.

  • Reaction Video

Reaction videos are also popular in the YouTube world. You can share your reaction to other videos. For example, you can share your reaction about a famous music video of a popular girl group or singer. You can also react to an event or the latest news.

  • Video Contest

Video contest is also a smart idea to engage your viewers. With this idea, you can encourage interested viewers to make videos for you. Then, you can give them a reward, and you can also share their content on your YouTube channel.

  • Discuss your Hobbies

You can discuss your hobbies on your channel. It can help your audience to discover new hobbies that can catch their interest. It can help them to enhance their skills too and beat boredom. If you have creative hobbies like art, music, and more, feel free to make a video about it.

  • 30-Day Challenge Videos

Compared to creating one-time challenge videos, 30-day challenge videos are more challenging. In this YouTube idea, you need to do something within 30 days. For example, you can try to lose your weight within 30 days. It can inspire and motivate your viewers to also achieve their fitness goals.

  • Book Review

Reviewing a book is also a good content for YouTube. You can review the book in a fun and exciting way. You can select a book you hate, love, or read and tell your thoughts about it. It can be beneficial to help your audience decide whether they are going to purchase the book or not.

  • Host a Giveaway Contest

If you wish to interact more with your viewers, it is a good idea to host a giveaway contest. It can help you to encourage more viewers and subscribers for your YouTube channel. You can provide a valuable reward that can encourage your viewers to participate.

  • Discuss your Career

Do you have another career aside from being a YouTuber? Then, you can make a video and discuss it. It can also inspire others to pursue a similar career. The video can also provide information about your career.

  • “The History of” Videos

People are interested in the history of different interesting topics. Make videos that discuss the history of a brand, product, and other topics that are related to your industry. You can make history videos that can catch the interest of your viewers.

  • Make In-Game Skits

If you are a YouTuber who loves gaming, one best YouTube idea is to make in-game skits. You can record your game and make funny commentary edits to offer your audience with entertainment. It can be interesting, especially for those who are into gaming.

  • Documenting an Interesting Experience

Do you experience unusual things in your daily lifestyle? Do you encounter a disappointing event? You can impart your experience to others through your YouTube video.

  • Do Something Shocking

Doing something shocking but not dangerous, like shaving your head, can be an effective way to attract more viewers. They can be shocked, amazed, and impressed by your content.

  • “The Benefits of” Videos

“The Benefits of” videos are also among the most trending YouTube video ideas. Suppose you have knowledge about different topics that can benefit your viewers, make a video about it. For example, you can create content about the benefits of honey, the benefits of eating grapes, and more. You can make videos that can benefit health.

  • Try Unusual Foods Video

If you want more challenging videos, you can try unusual foods. It can provide a high level of entertainment to your viewers. On the other hand, you can also have a fun experience.

  • Make a Fail Compilation Video

Another great idea is to make a fail compilation video that is related to your industry. It can be about design, video games or fitness. With this YouTube idea, you can guide your audience about the mistakes that they need to avoid for their fitness and other projects. It is also informational since it can give an idea to people on what they need to do and what not to do.

  • Invite a Guest

To encourage a larger audience, you can invite a guest. You can invite another YouTuber related to your industry. If you have a close YouTuber, you can make things together to entertain your viewers. For example, you can collaborate and explore a city together, try new things, cook, sing, dance, and more. It can also help enhance your friendship with other YouTubers.

  • Overcoming a Challenge

You can discover effective ways to overcome a challenge. For example, you can create a video on how to deal with time management problems. With this video idea, you can provide people with solutions to solve their specific problems. It can also give you credibility for your YouTube channel.

  • Inspirational and Motivational Videos

Are you a YouTuber who wants to motivate your viewers? Well, you can make inspirational and motivational videos. It is beneficial for viewers who are suffering from depression and to those who lose hope. You can make an encouraging speech that can enlighten the mind of your viewers. You can also upload inspiring quotes on your channel. You can be satisfied with how you can provide light and encouragement to people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and other negative feelings.

  • Live Stream

Livestreaming can also use an effective method to take your viewers in real-time. It can help you to establish rapport. With this YouTube idea, you can live stream your experience and answer the questions of your viewers directly.

  • Introduce your Home

Your home can say a lot about you. If you are ready to share to your viewers about your private life, you can make a home tour video. You can showcase the rooms in your house and interesting items like collectibles, tech, and furniture. You can also show a cool feature of your home.

  • Life Hacks

Life Hacks videos are also viral on YouTube. Do you know life hacks that you want to share? Then, don’t hesitate to make a video about it. It can provide information that can make life easier.

  • Product Launch Video

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to introduce your product? Making a Product Launch video is a good decision. It can promote your business to a large audience. It is a perfect way to market your brand in a more practical way.

  • Offer Business Advice

There is a great competition in the world of business. Well, if you already established your business, you could offer business advice through your YouTube channel. You can provide your audience with helpful tips to grow their small business.

  • Beauty Videos

It is a fact that we always want to look good and beautiful. Among the best YouTube ideas, you can make creating beauty videos. You can make videos to make a hairstyle, makeup, and more. It can help your viewers to improve their style and achieve their beauty goals.

  • Fashion Videos

Do you have a great taste in fashion? You can make videos about fashion. You can feature stylish clothing at just affordable cost. It can give your viewers an idea to enhance their fashion without sacrificing a huge amount of your money. You can also make videos about the latest trends in fashion and beauty. You can share your thoughts about these trends.

  • Makeup Challenge

Makeup challenge videos are also among the best YouTube video ideas. You can make videos like a boyfriend does your makeup, no mirror challenge, kids makeup challenge as well as makeup under $20 challenge.

  • Skincare Routine Videos

Most of us want to have fair, healthy, and beautiful skin. Are you a YouTuber who has beautiful skin? If yes, you can make skin care routine videos. You can also provide details about the makeup you use. Provide your audience with a live demo on how you apply them on your skin. Your audience may thank you if they found your skincare routine effective to achieve their skin goals.

  • Favorite Quotes

You can share videos about your favorite quotes that can catch the attention of your viewers. The quotes can be about love, motivation, and other interesting topics. You can also use the best template for your favorite quotes. It can be beneficial for people who face difficulties and other life problems.

  • Meal Plan

Some diets are not effective for everyone. If you have an effective meal plan worth sharing, you can upload it to your YouTube channel. You can provide tips on how to prepare the meal and its nutritional value.

  • Staying Fit on a Budget Video

Some people believe that it takes a high amount of money to be fit. Meanwhile, you can change that view of your viewers. You can make Staying Fit on a Budget video to help the audience improve their fitness in a practical way. You can offer alternative solutions to help viewers achieve their health and fitness goals.

  • Health Videos

Just like what we often heard, health is wealth. You can share essential tips to improve the health of your viewers. You can make videos to boost mental health, physical health, and emotional health of your audience. You can provide them with an effective routine to promote overall health. It may include the best diet, exercise, rest, and another positive daily lifestyle.

  • Before and After Video

Before and After a video is a great content for your YouTube channel, it can catch the interest of your viewers. For example, you can make before and after video to show evidence that your fitness program is effective and successful. Aside from offering people with valuable information stolons improve their fitness, you can also boost your credibility.

  • Song Cover

Do you have a talent for singing? One of the best YouTube video ideas you can make is a song cover. You can choose a famous song by a famous artist and create your own version. You may not know it, but it can also a great way to share your singing skills. If you want to pursue your music career, making song cover videos is a good decision. You can make an acoustic or remix version.


To sum it up, YouTube is a great tool to share your personal experience, knowledge, and talent to the world. More importantly, it can also help you to earn extra income by gaining more views. You can inform, inspire, and entertain your viewers while earning money.

The good news is that you can make videos based on different genres. So, you can have lots of choices for your content. If you want to boost your brand recognition, creating YouTube videos is an effective way of marketing. You can make videos that perfectly suit your style and budget.

As a YouTube creator, you can make content on different topics like gaming, entertainment, beauty and fashion, food, sports, fashion, travel, science and technology, and more. If you want to gain more subscribers for your YouTube channel, you can choose from the 70 best YouTube video ideas mentioned above. If you want to do a successful business, YouTube can be your best partner to market your products and services. On the other hand, if you are a YouTuber who just want to have extra income, there are lots of ideas you can make for your channel. Aside from getting benefits with your channel, you can also have a fun and entertaining experience while making your content videos. Are you ready to earn with YouTube? What are you waiting for? Make your YouTube channel today and create the best YouTube video ideas for your viewers! Making YouTube videos can be a good hobby that allows you to earn in a hassle-free way.

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