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The Guide To Simple Marketing Strategies you Need to Know

If you are a business owner, then you will know just how important marketing is for your business. Marketing is what gets your business out there and what gains you the popularity that you desperately need in order to be a success.  

The world of marketing has had quite a shift in the last decade and these days marketing your business is not as simple as just putting an ad in the local paper. These days in order to successfully market your business, there are certain strategies that you have to completely master. Once you have these strategies mastered, then you should find marketing your business to be quite easy. Here is a guide to simple marketing strategies you need to know.  


Know how to pick a target audience


One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is doing something referred to as general advertising. This kind of advertising does not focus on one group of people and so does not feel as though it is very well put together. 

Many people are scared to do focused advertising as they believe this may restrict how many people may buy your product. Realistically not everyone will be able to buy your product and so you should stop acting as though you can. If you have a business that sells cbd oil, children will not be able to buy your product and so there is no use in including them in your advertisements. Having more focused ads will be much more convincing to the people that are actually likely to buy one of your products.  


Use social media 

Social media is probably one of the best marketing tools that you have to hand. Social media not only allows you to freely advertise, but it allows you to stay in touch with customers and also look at metrics. Most social media platforms have metrics and metrics are basically ways in which you can look at your analytics, broken up into categories. Through social media, you can track how many followers you have and how many people your posts are reaching.  

You can also use other useful marketing features on social media such as collaborating with other pages and even promoting your pages. When it comes to advertising in other ways, you can never guess just how many people will see your advert. However, if you promote your posts then you can select exactly how many people are able to see your post which means that you can really get an idea of how well your posts are doing.  


Do market research  

No good marketer will head out and advertise their business without doing market research. Market research is very important as it allows you to figure out a lot of elements related to the sale of your product or service. First of all, you can use market research to figure out who you should be targeting your business at and what your target demographic should be. 

You can also use market research to work out just how much money you should be selling your product for. A very common mistake that people make when it comes to advertising their business is setting a price without any research and just expecting people to purchase the product for this price, which more often than not is simply not the case. The best thing you can do is ask customers just how much they will be willing to purchase your product for, you can then use this information to work on a pricing strategy for the product. 

Is Gender Specific Marketing Dying Out: An Opinion Piece

The world has become increasingly complex. Thanks in no small part to the advent of the internet and, primarily, social media. But this complexity isn’t a bad thing in every respect. Thanks to the internet, social media, and social activism we have seen massive strides taken for the civil rights movements across the world. LGBTQ+ Communities are standing strong and growing. People are being more honest with themselves and living authentic lives. People are tackling racism and institutional sexism more and more every day.

The hate-filled systems we have been living in are being dismantled slowly. And this is leading to massive changes in the way we live our life. This leads us to today’s topic. Is Gender-Specific Marketing dying out? We will be examining the arguments that people make for and against it.

We feel we should mention that our own opinion will be expressed at the end of the argument. Not every view expressed in this article represents our own views.

Gendered Marketing

Before we ask if it is a good or bad thing, we need to clarify what gendered marketing is. The easiest way to picture gendered marketing would be to imagine a toy store from the early 2000s. Everything is split into two convenient sections. Boys and girls. Blue and pink. Dolls and action figures. And even back then you had some products that could go on either side, but primarily the boy’s toys were shown as masculine and dangerous while the girl’s section was all dolls and figurines. Makeover kits and the like.

The idea is simple. Market products to a certain gender-based on societal norms of what that gender likes and what it doesn’t like. Wine is marketed to women. Beer to men. Flowers are marketed to women. Cars to men. It is important to note that this is always based on a subjective view of society. There is no rule book for most products on which gender they belong to.

The exception to this is, of course, products marketed for medical reasons at a certain gender. Tampons, genital shavers, massager products for women. Some stuff was clearly meant to be for a specific gender. But nowadays this line has become even more blurred.

Gender as a Social Construct

More and more we are realizing that gender is a social construct. Something separate from sex altogether. Gender is not binary and it is not set in stone. People can change their gender, move between them. Even forgo gender altogether. And with that notion, we come into the main crux of the marketing issue.

As gender becomes more fluid, is gendered marketing even relevant anymore? Some who are assigned female at birth might love action figures and identify as a boy. Or they might love action figures but identify as a girl still. The issue that then comes up is that they might be less willing to buy those action figures because of the marketing. They could worry they wouldn’t be a girl anymore if they buy a boy’s toy.

The Argument For

Despite gender becoming more fluid in our society, there is still a huge percentage of the world that conforms to the older gender norms. Many religions and entire nations do not agree with this new-wave ideology. So to suddenly forgo gendered marketing could be a massive problem for a lot of companies.

Some people like gendered marketing. It helps them make their choices and gives them a sense of self when they buy products aimed at their gender. For them, it isn’t a bad thing or something to be ashamed of. It is a positive force that helps them while they shop.

From a business standpoint, it would be foolish to ignore this fact completely. Keeping customers happy means bringing in more profit. But this does have to be balanced against the new wave of ‘cancel culture’ that social media has brought upon us. It has become a minefield to do anything that this new ideology disagrees with. If you do then the loud minority will call out your company and this can direct potential customers away from you.

What we Think

So where do we weigh in on all this? Personally, we believe that gender is indeed a spectrum and is not fixed at all. People know themselves better than anyone else. They know who they are inside and how they want to identify. And this ideology isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. In fact, we predict that in a few years it will become the norm for all gender discussion.

To that end, we also think that it is definitely time for gendered marketing to go the way of the dinosaurs. In all actuality, it seemingly does more harm than good. It forces children to ignore things they might otherwise enjoy and, from a business perspective, shuts off an entire demographic of potential customers.

In the world of marketing, you need to think long-term. And any short-term damage caused by forgoing gendered marketing will be offset by the massive gains that will be made in the far future. It pays to be ahead of the curve on social issues such as this. So we think to do away with gendered marketing and embrace the future with open arms.

Tips to Building a Powerful Instagram Business Account 

If you are a business owner, then you are probably more than aware that most businesses are taking their marketing online. The use of social media platforms for businesses has completely revolutionized the way in which businesses operate and social media platforms have cashed in on this.  

In order to cater to the vast amount of businesses that are taking their operations online, many social media platforms have created ‘business account’ options for users. Business accounts allow you to be able to engage more with metrics and it gives your business a much more professional look.  

Above all social media platforms, Instagram seems to be the leading website in terms of creating a business account. For this reason, many business owners have abandoned sites like Facebook and have instead chosen to set up shop on Instagram. However, much like building a brand, making a business account requires a lot of work. Here are some useful tips to building a powerful Instagram business account.  

Make Sure Your Sites are Linked 

Though instagram may be the go to website for advertising and promoting your business, there are some features that instagram still lacks. The process of trying to sell products straight from the site is quite difficult , so many people avoid doing it. If you are someone that is trying to promote your business via instagram, make sure that you are always reminding your followers of where they can purchase your products.  

 We recommend that you have your purchase link in the bio of your instagram account and with every new post promoting your business, be sure to include the link there so that people don’t have to try and find it for themselves. You essentially want to make the process of finding your content as straightforward as you possibly can, as if it requires too much work people will quickly lose interest.  

Increase Following 

The best way to ensure that your instagram business account is as powerful as possible is by making sure that it has a large following. A large following means that there will be more interaction on your page, which will make it seem active. Having a large following is also a great way to bring in other followers, as when an account already has a lot of followers it is usually an indication of the quality of the content.  

 Getting more followers can be a difficult process, so here are some handy tips. First of

all we recommend engaging with other pages and following as many of them as you possibly can. If a page is aware of your existence and they see that you follow them, they may be more inclined to follow your page. It is also not unheard of to buy instagram followers as this a great way to increase your overall following and invite more people in to get involved in your page. 

Make Sure the Layout Fits Branding  

Many people forget that the main appeal of Instagram is the aesthetics and if your page isn’t appealing to the eye, then people will not be likely to stick around and explore it. If you are someone that uses your instagram to post pictures of your products, make sure that you are taking high quality pictures that display your products well.  

We recommend choosing a general colour scheme and tone for your page, as this will really tie everything together and ensure that your page looks good. If you put that extra time into making sure that your page looks good, it will show your potential customers that you really do care.  

Engage with followers 

Instagram is a social media platform and so there is absolutely no point in using it if you are not going to use it to socialise with your followers. We recommend that you take an hour at the end of every day to engage with your followers by answering their questions and reply to their comments. If you show that you care about your customers and what they have to say, then they will be more inclined to engage with you.  

Showing respect and care for your customers will make you a cut above other businesses and it is likely that they will tell their friends about it, which means that you could have an increase in brand new customers coming to your page. 

Writing replies to comments will also give your brand a bit of personality, which will give potential customers the chance to get to know you as a person.  


One of the best ways to build a powerful instagram is by collaborating with other instagram pages. You could collaborate with other businesses, or you could simply get in touch with influencers. The priority is making sure that whoever you choose to collaborate with already has a large following, as this means that they can promote your products to this following which could lead to an increase of people checking out your page.  

 If you collaborate via instagram, you can also collaborate when it comes to making products. Say you are a clothing brand and you want to work with an influencer, you can do just that and as a way to really promote your relationship with this influencer, you could create a clothing line that they helped to think of. This could then be promoted to their fans that are likely to have similar tastes.  

How Vaping Went from an Unknown to a Marketing Marvel

A vape is a type of electronic cigarette that was created to feel like smoking without having as many negative health impacts. A vape is made up of a power source, usually, a battery, an atomizer, and a container like a small tank. It was called a vape as instead of inhaling smoke the user would be inhaling the vapor. How it works is that you pour liquid into the small tank and the atomizer heats this liquid up turning it into a vapor, there is usually a button on a vape and when you press this the liquid will heat up and you can smoke it. As the vape was only invented in 2003 the history of vaping isn’t a long one, when the product was invented back in 2003 they were not widely used or known about but the marketing of vapes has led to a rapid increase in how many people are using them, in 2011 there were 7 million people using e-cigs and by 2020 this had massively increased to 68 million and every day this number is growing. In 2008 the World Health Organisation released a statement saying that vaping was not a legitimate way to quit smoking and that anyone selling these products must remove anything that claims the WHO are in support of them, but this didn’t deter people from taking up vaping. Since this statement from the WHO many states and countries have tried to prevent people from using vapes but the marketing of vapes has been so successful that even this did not prevent them from becoming popular. 


The health impacts

One of the reasons why marketing for vaping has been so successful is because a vape really is a product that sells itself. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most harmful things that people can do to their bodies and their health. Smoking is associated with many health issues including increasing your blood pressure, increasing your risk of a stroke, and increasing your risk of heart disease. Over 30% of deaths from heart disease can be traced back to either smoking or second-hand smoke. There are hundreds of dangerous chemicals in tobacco that wreak havoc on your body and your health as they cause damage to almost all of your organs. Smokers are aware of this but as nicotine is one of the most addictive substances there is, studies have revealed that it is just as addictive as cocaine which makes it hard for smokers to quit. 7 out of 10 people who smoke want to quit smoking but can’t, this is what makes marketing for the vape so easy as all of these smokers are looking for a way to quit, and vaping instead of smoking is a great step in the right direction. It gives the same feeling as smoking without being as damaging and it allows you to lower the amount of nicotine you’re inhaling gradually until you’re no longer dependent on it. 


Social Media

Like many other products, social media has been a fantastic tool to help companies market their products. Social media allows marketing campaigns to reach more people than has ever been possible before, Instagram has millions of active accounts that will be engaging and spreading things that you post, helping them to reach more people and promote your product further. The popular vape brand Juul has massive success by marketing on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook. Their marketing plan heavily relied on social media as they were aware this is the new best way to reach people, a recent study on how vaping became so popular claims that Juul spent over $1 million on online marketing. They also used Twitter and YouTube to make their products look like they were cool and to try and associate Juul vapes with fun, freedom, and sex appeal. This was a really successful marketing tactic which many people will likely follow, a study revealed that the more Juul-related tweets there were, the more sales Juul were making. Before the campaign, there were on average around 700 tweets a month mentioning Juul products but after the campaign, this increased to over 30,000 tweets a month in 2017. As this campaign spread so much awareness, by the end of 2017 Juul was taking at least half of the e-cigarette market share and they are still the most well-known vaping brand. 


Fun Flavors

To try and deter people from smoking, flavored cigarettes and menthol were banned as many smokers only smoke menthol. This gives e-cigarettes a unique selling point as e-cigarettes can be any flavor. E-cigarette companies use this laxation in regulations to target the youth by creating youth-friendly flavors like bubblegum and candy floss. A study revealed that over 40% of young vapers took up vaping as they were interested in trying all of the different flavors. As there were many high school students involved in this study, following this, regulations were tightened but this was mainly aimed at the packaging and any flavor e-liquid is still allowed. With so many different flavors to promote this is a great marketing technique, there are tasty flavors like strawberry and to keep people interested there are also less appealing flavors like crab and roast chicken which are more of a novelty but the variety helps to keep people vaping. 

The 5 Most Competitive Marketing Areas in Business

Anyone who has spent any time working in the field of marketing will tell you just how cutthroat and competitive a business can be. Survival of the fittest is a term that gets thrown around a lot when discussing the competition aspects. It is not a career path that is for the faint of heart by any means.

But not all of the fields in marketing are as competitive as the others. For example, charities tend to be less competitive than the tech sector. Today we are going to look at which 5 areas in marketing are the most competitive. Looking at aspects such as product demand, scarcity of the product/service, and other factors that are determined by the client base.

The Tech Sector

Our society has moved towards a primarily digital-based one. Most restaurants and cafes now use apps for ordering or contactless payment. Shops prefer to use online ordering systems such as click and collect. And the general public makes use of a number of different gadgets in their day-to-day life. Smartphones. Fitbits. You name it.

So it is no surprise this field is one of the most competitive in terms of marketing. New products have a seemingly endless competition to be dealing with. Just look at Samsung vs Apple and how competitive their marketing campaigns are.

Real Estate

This is another highly competitive field for marketing. Selling homes is tricky these days. With rising housing costs and higher costs of living, with wages staying low, there are fewer people moving onto the property ladder. For example, take a look at this we buy houses site for the state of Delaware and you will see just how much effort they have to put into their marketing to make sure they are bringing in new customers constantly.


This may be the most competitive field in the world of business. Fashion is about appearance. And it is largely defined by what the public considers in fashion. So companies will have to compete to make sure it is their clothes that are in style right now. Otherwise, sales are going to tank massively. And with so many different fashion brands out there, it is one hell of a job for any marketing specialist. This industry is a lot more visual-based as well, making their job a lot tougher overall.


Gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Mainly thanks to the introduction of mobile gaming and more family-friendly consoles, such as the Wii. But with popularity comes demand. And with demand comes competition.

Gaming companies are extremely competitive. Just look at whenever a new console is released. Fans dub these events as a console war as the major companies go toe-to-toe to see who can bring in the most sales and change the face of gaming. As more companies dip their toes into gaming, the competition only gets fiercer. So if you end up working in games marketing, I can only say good luck to you! You’ll need it.


We saved the most intense for last. Make no mistakes, modern politics is a business like any other. The companies are just the parties. And the campaign is marketing. But the stakes are so much higher than any other industry as the customer’s choices can change the world.

The aim is, of course, not to bring in money but rather votes. Which are worth their weight in gold. And competition is as cut-throat as it can be. Smear campaigns. Lies. Cheating. All of it comes into play. It takes a special type of person to get into political marketing. So we suggest you tread lightly if you are going into this field.

6 Of the Best Blogs to Follow for Ace Marketing Advice

For your business to the seeth amount of success that you want it to you will need to become well versed in the current and most effective methods of marketing, marketing refers to the advertisement and content that you create to spread the word about your business and the products or services you have available. Without effective marketing strategies, you are limiting the number of customers you are seeing on a daily basis so I would highly recommend that you look online at helpful blogs and other resources to educate yourself.  


Social Rocket

The first blog that you should definitely follow if you are looking for helpful advice and tips to prove your marketing strategies would be Social Rocket, this pretty new website focuses primarily on how social media can be used as an advertising and, marketing platform, and covers things like how to boost your followers so that you can connect with more people. Warum sRocket is the question on everyone’s lips when you look at the other helpful marketing blogs that are already available. The thing that really sets Social Rocket apart from other websites is the quality of service and the fact that so many businesses have already taken advantage of this marketing tool.  

Hub Spot

Hub Spot is a marketing blog that allows members of the public and business owners from all over the world to connect with each other and post any marketing advice or strategies that proved to be effective for them. When you are looking at new methods of marketing it is always better to see that a business has seen some success as a result, this can provide peace of mind that when done correctly the marketing strategy has the potential to really help your business. 


Unbounce is another very useful marketing blog that you should definitely follow if you are a new business or you feel that it is time to switch up your marketing strategies to bring in more revenue. Unbounce has a variety of industry categories with unique and effective strategies for advertising your business within each section. As they have catered for such a wide range of industries you should definitely be able to find some tips and tricks to increase your profits no matter the nature of your business and the industry you are in. 


Smarp is a great tool for smaller businesses as it provides access to a range of resources that may not be so easily available to people who don’t have the necessary contacts or connections. Smarp is an independent blog that takes record of the most effective marketing strategies and posts them for the public to see. This platform is free to use and has been helping business owners bring in more custom and revenue into their businesses for some time now. If you find that your current methods of marketing are not cutting it then Smarp is the perfect place for finding some inspiration that could seriously improve your business ratings.  

Orbit Media

The next resource and blog that you should definitely take advantage of if you are looking for new and effective marketing strategies to be implemented in your own business would be  Orbit Media. Orbit media provides a huge inventory of contact information for people who can help with creating advertising and marketing content. If you are not already in touch with someone who can help you to produce advertising content then Orbit Media is the perfect place to advertise for the position and find someone who is going to do your company the justice that it deserves.  


The final marketing blog that you consider taking a look at for ace marketing advice is EMarketer, this blog is run by a number of industry professionals who have experience with marketing a wide range of business within different sectors. When you are just starting out your company it can be hard to know who you can trust to give you useful advice so the fact that this blog is run by those who know what they are talking about can provide peace of mind that you and your business are going to be looked after. 

How Texan Car Companies are Dominating the Marketing Game

The vehicle sale industry is one that has the potential to make a lot of money as there are some pretty big sales to be made with big profit margins for the business, however when it isn’t’ did right you may find the car sale business to be pretty stagnant. Like most sales roles it is very important to work on your sales technique and use unique marketing methods to draw in new customers. The more customers you have on your site the more likely it is that you will come across as a professional-grade company that can be trusted.

In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the success of Texan car companies with sales at a record high when compared to other areas of the world. With some of the most professional business minds in the industry running their stores it is no surprise that they are doing so well. Some say that using the more traditional sales methods world the best and when you consider how well some of Texas’ biggest car shops are doing you cannot argue with the results and the profit.


Offering a Quality Service

One of the most important things in any aspect of the business is to treat the customer with respect and offer a high-quality service, there is no excuse for bad customer service and if your skills are not up to scratch I would highly recommend that you consider making a change. It is said that the quality of service in Texan car companies is second to none with them truly showing that they care about their customers and want to find them a good deal on their next car. This is not always found in all companies that are out there which is apparent through the lack of high sales figures. This focus on customer service may not be the definitive factor but it certainly makes sense that those who value the customer would do better than those who don’t.


Special Offers and Deals

What many car sales businesses go wrong with is the lack of advertisements when it comes to their special offers or deals that could save the customer some money and encourage them to go ahead with a sale. In most Texan car companies it is clearly stated when the business has any special offers available, the whole point of a sale is to encourage potential customers to spend their money so it is only going to be effective if the customer knows about it. A great deal that a lot of car companies in texas offer is the sale of a vehicle on credit, meaning that a customer can take the car and make weekly payments to pay it off. This is a great business strategy as you can add interest while keeping the customer happy as they have access to their new car early.


Multi-Media Advertising and Marketing

Another great technique that is used by the majority of Texan car companies is the use of many forms of advertising, rather than focus their efforts and resources on one advertising platform it is common practice in Texas to advertise over a variety of platforms and to a wide range of people. This is very effective as you are going to spread the word about your company and the services you offer on a much wider scale than what you would by using a single platform to get your message across.

The Art of the Cold Call: How to Reel in new Clients

Making use of mass call centers to cold call prospective business clients would have to be one of the most effective ways to build awareness of your business and to increase sales and contacts. However, cold calling usually has very negative connotations associated with it and most businesses avoid giving callers the time of day, if you are going to be using cold calling as a marketing method then you should make sure to alter the way in which you approach a call to increase the chances that the person you are calling will listen to what you have to say.

In the current market, many people with the job of being a cold caller are required to make a certain quota of sales and in some places, workers will be paid on commission meaning that their employment relies upon being able to be a great salesperson. If you are finding that your clients are not staying 0on the phone and giving you a chance to give them your sales pitch then it may be time to change up your techniques. At the end of the day, your income may be reliant on your ability to sell and bring clients on board with a contract. Cold calling doesn’t have to be a negative process it was once considered and with the right sales techniques and customer relation skills you should be able to make your sales rate increase.


Tone of Voice

Your tone of voice is very important when it comes to getting new clients on board and building a strong rapport with them that could lead to further business in the future. Your tone of voice should have some energy and should convey that you are in a  good mood, even if you are not. Maintaining a positive atmosphere throughout your conversations is very important and will definitely help in convincing potential clients to make a purchase. Compared to the dire results you would likely receive if you were not enthusiastic through your tone of voice, it seems like a small change that would take little effort when you consider the extra sales you could make.


Any Special Offers?

As previously mentioned timing is very important within cold calling as once it is realized by the person on the receiving end of the call that you are trying to sell something, it is usually not long after that they hang up. This is why it is important that you are experienced with selling as you can implement sales techniques into your cold calling methods. You should also take into consideration the influence of a sale price or special offer when it comes to encouraging people to invest. If your company is offering any special deals then I would urge you to mention this immediately to your caller so they are immediately aware of the fact that they could save some money. By grabbing their interest in this way you are significantly increasing the chances of them going ahead with a sale as well as encouraging them to stay on the call for a longer time.


Engaging Your Clients

Each of the techniques mentioned previously is in aid of engaging with your prospective clients in a positive way that will help convince them to invest in your business, engaging with your clients is a great way to establish a solid framework for a good future business relationship. Making sure that you have a positive attitude towards your prospective clients is a great way to secure future business and increase your amount of sales.


Making a Sale

When it comes down to it, the way in which you secure a sale doesn’t matter, you should be doing everything you can to sweet talk your callers so that they are more likely to invest time and money in you and the company you represent. Many top cold calling companies claim that we use very unique marketing tactics to generate roofing leads for our clients. Following the idea that sales should be conducted in any way possible and that if you have your own skills that work you should be able to use them.

How Cosmetic Companies Utilise Celebrities to Attract Customers

The cosmetics industry is one with various different branches within it, from hair and makeup to more elaborate procedures such as botox and lip injections, the beauty industry would have to be one of the busiest industry-wide. When it comes to connecting with potential customers the beauty industry is also one of the most marketing-driven with many different methods of advertising to encourage more and more people to buy their products and increase chances of multiple sales and brand loyalty. One of the most effective methods of advertising would be the use of celebrity influence in advertisements and with celebrity endorsements to increase sales.

With so many new and innovative developments within the cosmetics company, there has been a lot of work available for celebrities who use their platform and large following to recommend certain products to their audience. One of the most recent developments that saw a huge boost in popularity is the benefits of microcannula for lip injections, with celebrities showing how these new needles left minimal scarring and bruising in comparison to the older version it saw a huge boost in sales thanks to celebrity influence.


Models Within Advertising

Beauty brands have been using perfect models and celebrities within their advertising campaigns for many years now, in the hope that seeing a familiar face of a celebrity who is very popular will encourage you to buy a product. This is very effective especially due to the influx of beautiful and popular celebrities that are part of the world we live in, for a small fee brands are able to show a celebrity using and endorsing a product to encourage the celebrities fans to go out and buy it for themselves.


Social Media Influencers

In recent years the social media platform of Instagram has given birth to many social media influencers who are all ready with their insane amount of followers to endorse products in return for a payment or partnership with a specific brand. For all involved, it seems like a good deal with the influencer gaining fame and fortune and the brand being able to reach a large number of potential customers very easily. With many social media influencers having huge amounts of fans and followers on a global scale thanks to their appearances on television it makes sense that beauty brands would use them to their advantage.


Promotional Codes

Another common occurrence within the cosmetics industry and the world of Instagram is the use of promotional codes and affiliate links offering a discount on some of the world’s biggest cosmetic companies. The influencer simply has to use a product within a post on one of their platforms and with a code offering a small discount the brand receives more custom whilst each time a customer uses the code the influencer receives a fee, this has to be one of the most profitable incomes sources for influencers due to the fact that they have so many followers.


Celebrity Collaborations

Another way in which celebrities are used by cosmetic brands to attract more customers is when a beauty brand teams up with a celebrity for a cosmetics product or collection. This is a great way to attract more customers to a brand as many collectors out there will want to purchase a product that has been made by their favorite celebrity. This is again something that is beneficial for both the brand and the celebrity involved in the product collaboration as both will receive the profit and the industry attention as well as the opportunity to come together to make something the customers will really love.

Why it is Important to Build a Positive Customer Relationship to Succeed

Whether you’re working as part of a larger-scale company or if you’re planning on running your own business, there are plenty of things you need to consider on a daily business to ensure your success in your current role. From expenses to uniforms, or from branding to marketing, there is always something you can be focussing on to maximize the effectiveness of the business you’re involved in. However, no matter if you’re working within a privately owned business or if you’re working on running your own, one of the most important things you have to keep on top of is your relationship with your customers.


At the end of the day, your customers are there to ensure your business is able to succeed, so ensuring you have a positive relationship with each of your customers should be a top priority. If you’re not entirely sure just how important positive customer relationships should be, or if you’re not sure how to build the best relationships with your customers, we’re here to provide some insight to get your business into the best possible position it can be.


Why Are Customer Relationships important?

There are a number of reasons why customer relationships are viewed as something of great value to any company or business. If your business is there to provide a service, good customer relationships are key to ensuring your business is viewed in a more positive light. Building better customer relationships are the road to ensuring you have a lot of steady, repeat business, with customers keen to return. Not only that but if you build a good rapport with your customers, it also opens up the opportunity for them to recommend your business to their friends and family. This will be even more likely if your business is viewed as friendly and you’re viewed as an approachable person. Good reviews tend to be better with a more positive relationship with the customers, with them able to pull on personal experiences rather than vague responses.


How Can You Build Customer Relationships?

If you’re uncertain as to how to build better and stronger customer relationships, there are plenty of ways to get started. A good place to start may be to think about some of your more regular customers and test yourself on how well do you know me. It may be worth checking out some questionnaires and seeing how many of the questions you can answer about your customers. The better you know them, the more likely you are to build a more positive relationship as you can talk about things you’re aware that the customer likes, or even, in a more business-related sense, you can tailor your services to better fit the customer’s personality and preferences.


If you find yourself struggling to answer any questions about your customers, it may be worth striking up more conversations with them. If you’re waiting on a payment or something similar going through, why not ask them what shows or films they’re currently watching or whether they have any holidays planned for the summertime. These small details are great to know as they aren’t overly intrusive but also allow for easier conversation as many of us enjoy a variety of content. You never know, you both may love the same show or have a favorite film director. Something you’ll be able to discuss whenever the customer comes into your business.


Don’t Overstep Your Bounds

One thing you must be careful of is being too intrusive. It should go without saying, but you should never ask overly personal questions, especially with people you’re only acquainted with. Keep any questions light and breezy and focus on questions that may help you understand the customer’s interests and hobbies rather than their personal life. Asking the wrong or inappropriate questions can have negative consequences, you could potentially lose the customer entirely if they’re made to feel uncomfortable, or it may even negatively impact your employment if people believe you to be overly intrusive.


The key is finding a happy medium. Make sure your customer feels valued, show an interest in their interests and make sure their experience with your business isn’t too impersonal. They’ll be far more likely to come back and may even look forward to doing business with you or your company.

Tanya Charlotte

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