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RapidTags – YouTube Tag Generator Review

YouTube is indeed the second largest search engine, next to Google, with billion hours of content watched on a daily basis. However, the important question is, what subscribers or people looking for? And what should you make videos about?

A tag generator is the best way to answer that. However, sad to say, no reliable YouTube tag generates a tool for this search engine as there is with Google. And worse, a lot of popular third party tag generators do nothing but kick back ineffective numbers. However, there are some tools available out there that promise to provide the best youtube tags for your videos. One of the most common YouTube tag generator available today is Rapid Tag. Keep on reading to know if this tag generator is worth using, or you are just wasting precious time and money. Before that, let us first discuss the importance of the Tag generator and finding the right one.

The Importance of Finding and Using YouTube Tag Generator

Other than being successful in the field of search engine optimization as a place for getting more website traffic in multimedia, YouTube now provides a search engine optimization a new advantage. That advantage is by keyword research.

You can use YouTube as a keyword tool for choosing target keywords for different websites. It can help you look for relevant data on topics and keywords that you might not be aware of. It is easily accessible and is free opposed to other tools out there, is that Google prompts its users to describe the subject that these searchers are searching for.

Tags make it easier for the entire system to search for a specific content or video. This can provide any information regarding the topic, which can be very useful to the reader. Along with the data mentioned on descriptions, there are also many associated searches or videos on the right side of the page. You can easily click on the videos to provide you further details.

From the particular keyword alone that you key into YouTube, you are able to acquire more searched. You get more related searches from related topics and keywords, which will display on their searches. Like for instance, you are looking at how-to or DIY videos; once you search them, it provides you many videos, which contain these keywords and which could be a whole lot of searches right there.

If you are done scanning in those how-to videos, you can get ideas on which are big hits, and you can also take note of the ideas on the video and the description box to assist you. After jotting them down, you are able to look further on other keyword targeting tools of your choice that are the best keyword for the video content.

The tags on the videos can be the source of information for amazing keywords. You can use this together with other tools. The vital thing is you know where to begin from, you know which words will be most likely get a remarkable audience.

So, in general, YouTube tags are essential. These are phrases and words utilized to provide YouTube context regarding a video content. These are considered a vital ranking aspect in the search algorithm of YouTube. Like any piece of metadata, tags are a chance to provide Google and YouTube information concerning the content; this takes account of the category, topic of the video. So, in this matter, make sure to use a reliable and trustworthy YouTube tag generator that will not put your down. 

Rapid Tag: Is It Reliable and Effective or Just a Waste of Time and Money?

There are a lot of YouTube tag generators available to choose from. There are free and paid tag generators that promise to give you the best results. One of the many tag generators available at this point is the Rapid Tag generator. There are a lot of hypes concerning this tool. If you want to know if this tool is exceptional as a keyword research tool, you have to keep on reading. This Rapid Tag YouTube generator review is intended for you.

What is RapidTags?

RapidTags is made to generate search engine optimization effective tags for YouTube videos instantly. This tool allows you to easily copy or edits the phrases or words or tags to suit your need and easily paste them into the video tag section of YouTube.

This tool was released in the year 2016. Since this, RapidTags has gone in various modifications and has been utilized by missions of people from all parts of the globe. However, at this point, the company or the founder of this tool still receives a lot of inquiries, questions, and concerns about the application of this tool. The entire premise of this YouTube Tag generator is to let YouTube content creators, and at the same time, the users to simply enter the possible title of the video and effectively generate the most effective and reliable search engine optimization keywords to assists rank the video and at the same time gain a lot of viewers.

Here are some of the things that we found out during our assessment with the RapidTags YouTube generator. Let’s start with the service quality.

Service Quality

rapidtags not working
RapidTags Not working for free users

Quality of the service is an essential factor when finding a reliable YouTube Tag generator, and RapidTags falls short in this aspect. The quality of the service is poor and looks like a substandard tool. We found out that this tag generator doesn’t have a desktop-based app. This is cumbersome and annoying as you need to open a tab in order to access it. It enables keyword analysis less than 500 keywords at a time in bulk. Considering that it is not a cheap tool, it would be good and fair to be able to analyze more than this number at a time. The maker of this tool stated that it is not the perfect tag generator tool available so far. This is because not all of the generated tags will be authentically and fully relevant to the video content. Therefore, the users should modify irrelevant keywords by clicking the red edit button located under the visible tags. Once the button is enabled, click on the tag that you wish to edit and type what you need. You can also delete the tag by clicking the X icon. When happy with tag selection, press Copy, and the selection will automatically copy to the clipboard where you are able to paste it in the tag box of YouTube.

The long-tail keywords associated with the user’s query are hard to find, unlike other tools out there that expand the seed keyword’s initial idea. The recommendations or suggestions are not interactive, though clicking on one of them will refresh the dashboard and reveal its statistics. It is sad to say there is an opportunity to lose the original query. Unlike other tools out there, if you are not running a campaign, the search volumes RapidTags show are not rounded off the estimate, and the worst thing is that they are not precise.

RapidTags Customer Support

The responsiveness and support to the customer are poor, and these definitely needs some adjustments. Many users of this tool are dismayed by poor customer assistance, ignoring the queries and concerns of the clients. One example of this would be the case of the incapability of the users in pasting many keywords. According to one customer, if wanted to upload keyword in bulk (which is a common feature found in reliable tag generator) on its ranking tracking module. Her subscription with this tool just permitted her to monitor less than 500 keywords on her channels.

Imagine the pain when someone will need to type all of that manually. So, after complaining about this issue in the forum, and after calling the company many times after sending lots of emails, they just promised to fix the issue, but sad to say they didn’t fulfill their promise. They just ignore the issue and never return replied. This restricts the users from pasting many keywords or even uploading it through CSV. Also, highly advanced users may find this tag generator tool lacking, and the value it offers is not enough as well. Even if some believe it is bound to change and A/B thumbnail testing is suggested. Website Design

Mobile Responsiveness

A lot of tag generators out there make use of the benefits of mobile devices. However, in the case of RapidTags, mobile responsiveness doesn’t meet my expectation. It is not totally mobile-enabled. I am using my iOS device when searching for a keyword on YouTube, which doesn’t meet my expectations. It doesn’t work with my phone, though the maker of this tool promises to revamp the feature soon; you need to wait longer before using these changes. Also, you can just do basic optimization with this tag generator.  

There are also reports that it works on some operating systems. On the other hand, most of them face issues in accessing this tool on this phone. The loading takes time, and it is not really responsive. That is why they suggest finding another alternative.

Web Design

Another factor where this tool falls short is the poor design of their website. It is absolutely not acceptable.

  • Bad Color Scheme: Colors are supposed to boost the aesthetic aspect of the site. However, this is not the case with RapidTags. They made a mistake of using light colors as text. They have glaring colors as backgrounds and a sight for sire eyes in a mixture of colors.
  • Loading Takes Time: This is also one issue I’ve found out in using RapidTags. As it has special effects, it makes users annoyed as loading takes time. The website’s interesting info is ignored as a mainstream of website users don’t have the patience to wait many hours for the page to load. Also, the default page doesn’t fit the computer screen. Even when I am using a 32 inch LCD, the entry page is the website visited still requires scrolling down to see other parts of the whole page. For me, this is not good as I want the whole thing outright.
  • Cluttered arrangement: RapidTags’ different important tags aren’t aligned properly. They are plastered in various portions of the page. Thus, I found it a hard time finding the needed button to click as they are scattered.
  • Some text is hard to read: Aside from using glaring colors for the font, RapidTags font size is also an issue. Some letters are hard to understand, most especially for senior adult users. How can you expect them to read the text when even if they enhance their vision, it is unreadable.
  • Many junk materials on the front page: There are lots of junk materials on the website, making loading slower.

Good Side

On the other hand, despite these bad sides, RapidTags also comes with a good side. User experience is superb with RapidTags. This is where it stands out from the rest. The greatest strength of RapidTags lies in its simplicity of application of use. While other tools available out there, need a little bit of fiddling around prior to starting, RapidTags does not. It really gets straight to the point. After loading the homepage, you will be presented with the search bar, beckoning you to enter or key in a keyword.

Once you click the analyze button, you will be immediately taken to the dashboard where your keyword metrics were shown in an aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to comprehend page. Here, you can also adjust search parameters like the location and language by clicking the dot located on the front page.

All the information presented- each one is valuable in their own right- combined flawlessly to give users a precise picture of how the keyword performs. This tag generator helps users to extra tags and phrases from content on YouTube. All they have to do is enter and paste the YouTube URL, and the tool will do the rest. It will list all the tags utilized in YouTube content so that you are able to optimize the tags to enhance the position of the material in search results both on YouTube and Google and other search engines as well. This amazing tool will also help you find and examine the tags utilized by other YouTubers out there, and it will boost the tags you utilize.

Labeling YouTube recordings legitimately and acceptably is considered one of the first and vital things you are able to carry out to guide traffic to your YouTube content. YouTube is indeed the second largest web crawlers as well as labels amongst the positioning components. To the extent when the client’s key in watchwords recognized with the tags, the content will show up in the query items. With regards to label your recording, it is likely to be hard to brainstorm many distinct labels to integrate. 

In general, one simple as well as a viable technique to be checked the rival labels. As of today, YouTube shrouded these labels. Since the system is simple, experts have made a tag generator for YouTube, which makes this process easier and more stress-free. There are two ways to use the label generator; first, to check the label of a specific content by keying in the URL, and the second method will generate renowned labels for a particular catchphrase. Just key in a catchphrase determined with the content and saw what rivals or competitors are using day by day for their recordings. 

How To Use RapidTags Generator

Compared to other tag generators for YouTube out there, which are complex and hard to use, RapidTags is a breeze. Here are the things you need to know to use this tool properly and appropriately.

To use this amazing tool, first and foremost, you should enter the title of your YouTube content into the search box and press search or the enter button on the keyboard. You can also search with a particular keyword or a partial phrase enabling you to mix and match the best possible keyword for the content. 

Upon submitting the search query, the video tags must be generated in a few milliseconds; it all depends on the speed of the internet and your location. 

This tag generator aims to generate a sufficient amount of tags in order to fill the 500 character keyword limit of YouTubes while at the same time keeping the quality of the tags.


Working YouTube Tags Generator by Tubeast

As mentioned above, tags play a vital role in YouTube content. You can use RapidTags in this aspect, if you’re a paid subscriber, as right now it seems like for the past two months the free tools simply doesn’t work anymore. luckily for my readers, I’ve did extensive research and found this great YouTube Tags Generator which doesn’t have any limits and absolutely free to use, Enjoy it.

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