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The 5 Most Competitive Marketing Areas in Business

Anyone who has spent any time working in the field of marketing will tell you just how cutthroat and competitive a business can be. Survival of the fittest is a term that gets thrown around a lot when discussing the competition aspects. It is not a career path that is for the faint of heart by any means.

But not all of the fields in marketing are as competitive as the others. For example, charities tend to be less competitive than the tech sector. Today we are going to look at which 5 areas in marketing are the most competitive. Looking at aspects such as product demand, scarcity of the product/service, and other factors that are determined by the client base.

The Tech Sector

Our society has moved towards a primarily digital-based one. Most restaurants and cafes now use apps for ordering or contactless payment. Shops prefer to use online ordering systems such as click and collect. And the general public makes use of a number of different gadgets in their day-to-day life. Smartphones. Fitbits. You name it.

So it is no surprise this field is one of the most competitive in terms of marketing. New products have a seemingly endless competition to be dealing with. Just look at Samsung vs Apple and how competitive their marketing campaigns are.

Real Estate

This is another highly competitive field for marketing. Selling homes is tricky these days. With rising housing costs and higher costs of living, with wages staying low, there are fewer people moving onto the property ladder. For example, take a look at this we buy houses site for the state of Delaware and you will see just how much effort they have to put into their marketing to make sure they are bringing in new customers constantly.


This may be the most competitive field in the world of business. Fashion is about appearance. And it is largely defined by what the public considers in fashion. So companies will have to compete to make sure it is their clothes that are in style right now. Otherwise, sales are going to tank massively. And with so many different fashion brands out there, it is one hell of a job for any marketing specialist. This industry is a lot more visual-based as well, making their job a lot tougher overall.


Gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Mainly thanks to the introduction of mobile gaming and more family-friendly consoles, such as the Wii. But with popularity comes demand. And with demand comes competition.

Gaming companies are extremely competitive. Just look at whenever a new console is released. Fans dub these events as a console war as the major companies go toe-to-toe to see who can bring in the most sales and change the face of gaming. As more companies dip their toes into gaming, the competition only gets fiercer. So if you end up working in games marketing, I can only say good luck to you! You’ll need it.


We saved the most intense for last. Make no mistakes, modern politics is a business like any other. The companies are just the parties. And the campaign is marketing. But the stakes are so much higher than any other industry as the customer’s choices can change the world.

The aim is, of course, not to bring in money but rather votes. Which are worth their weight in gold. And competition is as cut-throat as it can be. Smear campaigns. Lies. Cheating. All of it comes into play. It takes a special type of person to get into political marketing. So we suggest you tread lightly if you are going into this field.

Tanya Charlotte

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