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Tips to Building a Powerful Instagram Business Account 

If you are a business owner, then you are probably more than aware that most businesses are taking their marketing online. The use of social media platforms for businesses has completely revolutionized the way in which businesses operate and social media platforms have cashed in on this.  

In order to cater to the vast amount of businesses that are taking their operations online, many social media platforms have created ‘business account’ options for users. Business accounts allow you to be able to engage more with metrics and it gives your business a much more professional look.  

Above all social media platforms, Instagram seems to be the leading website in terms of creating a business account. For this reason, many business owners have abandoned sites like Facebook and have instead chosen to set up shop on Instagram. However, much like building a brand, making a business account requires a lot of work. Here are some useful tips to building a powerful Instagram business account.  

Make Sure Your Sites are Linked 

Though instagram may be the go to website for advertising and promoting your business, there are some features that instagram still lacks. The process of trying to sell products straight from the site is quite difficult , so many people avoid doing it. If you are someone that is trying to promote your business via instagram, make sure that you are always reminding your followers of where they can purchase your products.  

 We recommend that you have your purchase link in the bio of your instagram account and with every new post promoting your business, be sure to include the link there so that people don’t have to try and find it for themselves. You essentially want to make the process of finding your content as straightforward as you possibly can, as if it requires too much work people will quickly lose interest.  

Increase Following 

The best way to ensure that your instagram business account is as powerful as possible is by making sure that it has a large following. A large following means that there will be more interaction on your page, which will make it seem active. Having a large following is also a great way to bring in other followers, as when an account already has a lot of followers it is usually an indication of the quality of the content.  

 Getting more followers can be a difficult process, so here are some handy tips. First of

all we recommend engaging with other pages and following as many of them as you possibly can. If a page is aware of your existence and they see that you follow them, they may be more inclined to follow your page. It is also not unheard of to buy instagram followers as this a great way to increase your overall following and invite more people in to get involved in your page. 

Make Sure the Layout Fits Branding  

Many people forget that the main appeal of Instagram is the aesthetics and if your page isn’t appealing to the eye, then people will not be likely to stick around and explore it. If you are someone that uses your instagram to post pictures of your products, make sure that you are taking high quality pictures that display your products well.  

We recommend choosing a general colour scheme and tone for your page, as this will really tie everything together and ensure that your page looks good. If you put that extra time into making sure that your page looks good, it will show your potential customers that you really do care.  

Engage with followers 

Instagram is a social media platform and so there is absolutely no point in using it if you are not going to use it to socialise with your followers. We recommend that you take an hour at the end of every day to engage with your followers by answering their questions and reply to their comments. If you show that you care about your customers and what they have to say, then they will be more inclined to engage with you.  

Showing respect and care for your customers will make you a cut above other businesses and it is likely that they will tell their friends about it, which means that you could have an increase in brand new customers coming to your page. 

Writing replies to comments will also give your brand a bit of personality, which will give potential customers the chance to get to know you as a person.  


One of the best ways to build a powerful instagram is by collaborating with other instagram pages. You could collaborate with other businesses, or you could simply get in touch with influencers. The priority is making sure that whoever you choose to collaborate with already has a large following, as this means that they can promote your products to this following which could lead to an increase of people checking out your page.  

 If you collaborate via instagram, you can also collaborate when it comes to making products. Say you are a clothing brand and you want to work with an influencer, you can do just that and as a way to really promote your relationship with this influencer, you could create a clothing line that they helped to think of. This could then be promoted to their fans that are likely to have similar tastes.  

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