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VidIQ vs TubeBuddy: What To Choose in 2020

YouTube SEO or search engine optimization is a collection of various appealing strategies and techniques that are incredibly beneficial in managing your YouTube channel, playlist, description, meta-data, and any other related aspect.

YouTube SEO is highly advantageous in getting the video content levels up on the YouTube SERPs or search engine result page. It can help in gathering a bigger audience and gaining more views. Continue reading to find out more mind-blowing benefits of YouTube SEO that you must utilize.

Is It Necessary to Use YouTube SEO?

youtube seo

Utilizing YouTube SEO will serve you with numerous benefits. It holds the most potent strategies that will bring views to your YouTube channel.

According to sources, around 500 hours of video content are uploaded on YouTube every minute. This makes YouTube the second largest internet platform and a platform where the competition is extremely tough. It is indeed a cut-throat business.

However, YouTube SEO tools can be your savior in this intense platform. It will help you in gaining desirable traffic, subscribers, and views. You can also easily add captions, subtitles, transcripts, etc.

Remember that your performance on YouTube is related to results on google. A good SEO strategy helps manage this relationship and makes it possible for your video to go viral.

Managing playlists is also an easy task with YouTube SEO. You can know about the viewer’s activities and engagement and take the lead from that through these SEO strategies. It will help in enhancing and growing your YouTube channel even more.

The motive of SEO is almost the same on every platform, but the usages are different. The two most helpful tools for this purpose are VidIQ and TubeBuddy, about which we will deal with in detail further in this article. So stay tuned!

What is VidIQ?


Founded in 2011, VidIQ is a service provider that aids you to gain more views and subscribers on YouTube. You can create a loyal audience of subscribers for your channel and gain valuable insight to process information about the likings and disliking of the viewers.

This tool helps in creating and finding topics with suitable keywords. Keyword search is a popular and growing trend that attracts many viewers searching for something relevant. After all, YouTube is a search engine, and viewers visit this platform most of the time to search and find the video content.

VidIQ also features a robust YouTube SEO. This technique helps in creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and tags that are beneficial sources for attracting viewers. However, to use all of these tools, you must know about how to use VidIQ. Scroll down and find out how to get started with VidIQ.

Getting Started With VidIQ

VidIQ is a software as a service (SaaS) product that you can easily access via the internet or by downloading its application.

You can find all the necessary tools, such as adding captions, transcripts, creating an attractive description and tag, and so on for your video. Using this tool requires a minimal fee, a price of about $7.50 per month. This tool is definitely a reliable source for gaining a more massive and loyal audience.

You can also reach out to the instructions of everything related to using VidIQ through the YouTube channels of VidIQ workers/staff and experts. You can also visit its website and start working directly.

Benefits Of ViDIQ

You can avail of various uncountable benefits from taking the services of VidIQ. Some of these benefits revolve around the concept the tool follows, “the concept of 3Ds”.

1.     Discoverability

How will you get views and subscribers on your YouTube channel if the audience cannot reach out and discover your content? This is why discoverability is crucial and extremely helpful. VidIQ offers strategies to allow and enable the viewers to find your YouTube channel and video.

2.     Deliverability

One of the significant factors that make a viewer stick to your channel and subscribe to it is deliverability. If you fail to convey valuable content that the audience was looking for, then you may fail to gain success on the platform of YouTube.

3.     Distribution

Distribution refers to the final step on YouTube. Once you have successfully managed to complete the first two Ds, then YouTube will regard your video as something recommendable and distribute it for you. This step brings more and more views, and subscribers and VidIQ make it possible.

There are many benefits along with these. Some of them are providing proper management, knowing and understanding the audience’s likes and dislikes, handling initiatives and changes according to the trend, and so on.

We will see and discuss these benefits further in this article while making the main comparison.

But first, we need to know about what TubeBuddy is and how efficient it is.

What is TubeBuddy


Tubebuddy is another YouTube SEO tool that is beneficial in gaining viewers and subscribers on your YouTube channel. You can easily manage, grow, and optimize your YouTube channel with this strategic tool.

According to Google Chrome statistics, there are more than 4 million returning users, brands, or creators of Tubebuddy.

This browser extension directly adds the various tools right above the YouTube page, making it even more accessible to navigate and utilize. It is an entirely safe and secure way to gain views and subscribers. You can also contact and clear your queries with the team behind this YouTube SEO platform.

Getting Started with TubeBuddy

Using TubeBuddy is no big deal. You can easily and quickly download the application for TubeBuddy from Google Play Store or Apple store. That is all. You can download the application by clicking here.

Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the application on your device, you can open YouTube, and you will find all the tools there along with the TubeBuddy logo.

The customer services are also reliable and available for assisting you. Instructions on how to use it are also available on YouTube channels. So, you can also check them out in case you are confused.

This tool is also inexpensive and easily affordable, with charges of $9 per month. Plus, TubeBuddy offers a free trial that you can use anytime and test the YouTube SEO tool for yourself.

Benefits Of TubeBuddy

There are countless benefits that you get from choosing the services of Tubebuddy. This efficient tool definitely is a reliable source for managing your YouTube account with ease and gaining popularity on your channel simultaneously.

Some of the benefits of this YouTube certified extension for your Google Chrome browser are mentioned and explained as follows :

1.     More creativity

The tools that TubeBuddy offers will definitely help you in making a more creative video. You can also save your time with these tools and carry out the task faster.

Many of these TubeBuddy tools are actually free to use, and some require a subscription. And guess what? These subscriptions are also pretty cheap and easily affordable.

2.     Topic planner

One of the very helpful tools that TubeBuddy offers is the topic planner. This tool helps in arranging and organizing all the ideas and topics you have in your mind. In this way, you will not forget any of your creative ideas and record them in a sequence.

3.     Tagging was never this easy

TubeBuddy helps in creating attractive tags for you that work in catching attention and increasing views. You can also view and copy the tags your competitors are using.

This again helps in saving more time. This tool also allows you to deal with the keywords your opponents or rivals are using and target the same for gaining views.

4.     Use in Bulk

One of the best features that TubeBuddy enables is the bulk use of its tools. This bulk feature saves you time and effort. You don’t have to work on the same thing again and again with this feature.

You can very easily manage your thumbnails, cards annotations, and whatnot with YouTube SEO of TubeBuddy.

There are many more benefits that come with this application that we will further discuss in the comparison of VidIQ versus TubeBuddy.

Detailed Comparison Between VidIQ And TubeBuddy

Getting down to the main business, here is a crucial comparison between the two tools of VidIQ and TubeBuddy.

If you have read this far, you are already aware of the meaning, specifications, and benefits of these two YouTube SEO tools. So, it is about time we see a detailed analysis of the comparison between these two.

1.     Statistics of Video Sidebar

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ offer great tools for analyzing the video, social share information, statistics of the channel, and video tags. The sidebar helps give more detailed statistics regarding the video that helps enhance performance in the future.

It is also helpful in finding the rank of your video when you search for that particular keyboard. TubeBuddy and VidIQ are both excellent with this aspect.

However, one factor that gives TubeBuddy an upper hand is its feature of seeing as well as copying the tags other creators have used. Unfortunately, VidIQ does not have this feature making TubeBuddy a little ahead of it in the first round of comparison.

But again, VidIQ has more statistical data displaying features. Also, it shows statistics based on one-hour views, giving TubeBuddy a fierce competition.

vidiq statistics

2.     Functionality of features

Again TubeBuddy and VidIQ have a lot of similar features in this term as well. Both of them offer free version tools for this purpose. However, they are limited in both cases. You will need a subscription for analyzing deeper into the statistical data.

VidIQ offers relevant Google Trend queries. You can also find creative ideas for keywords, even in the free version of VidIQ. It also includes a feature that displays the video tags in-line for the top 3 videos.

On the other hand, TubeBuddy offers unweighted scores. It helps to create assumptions for the rank in which your video will be displayed when searched for a particular targeted keyword. These assumptions are mostly very accurate.

So, if not paying attention to the score factor, VidIQ has more desirable features in terms of the search page or sidebar. However, if the estimated score is indeed vital for you, then TubeBuddy is the winner here.

3.     Functioning platforms and ways

Tubebuddy is more efficient when it comes to the versatility of the operable platforms. This is because VidIQ is only available as a Chrome extension and doesn’t work anywhere else.

Whereas, on the other side, TubeBuddy runs efficiently as an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari as well. However, you will have to download the TubeBuddy application to use it. This tool is not available to be used via the internet.

Again, VidIQ comes in with a potential game-changer as it can be quickly used via the internet. So, it depends on your preferences on whether you want to use the application on various browsers or through the internet with Google Chrome extension.

4.     Statistics analysis for your channel

Analyzing the statistics for your YouTube channel is essential, especially when determining future strategies to follow. Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ are quite impressive with their tools in this term.

When talking about TubeBuddy, it offers an analysis of the live count of subscribers of other channels. Moreover, it also allows you to compare your channel to theirs through graphs and statistics. This analysis turns out to be very helpful in solving out the strategies you will need.

On the other hand, VidIQ provides you with a global rank on YouTube that helps in the broad analysis. Not just this, but it also provides statistics of the new subscribers, the total number of views, and videos uploaded over the past month.

Moreover, you can also see the top six trendings on the basis of views gained per hour with the free version of VidIQ. For a deeper look, you can increase the number with a subscribed version.

With VidIQ, you can detect how to generate traffic and follow the latest trends. Also, you can increase the chance of your videos becoming future suggestions on the YouTube platform.

With several tools and features to analyze and predict, VidIQ seems to be more suitable and desirable for making statistical analysis for your YouTube channel.

5.     Management

Managing is another critical component that one seeks when using YouTube SEO tools. With respect to the current management system of both the tools, it looks like TubeBuddy is more efficient in managing than VidIQ.

This is because VidIQ is a little complex with its tools. Accessing it can be a little confusing from time to time. You will have to use Creator Studio Classic, which again is not available for long. VidIQ is not really compatible in terms of management with Studio Beta.

On the other hand, TubeBuddy gives a better performance for management in Studio beta. You can also easily manage and edit videos in bulk without putting additional efforts or time.

TubeBuddy also offers effective shortcuts that make the management process easier. You will be satisfied even in the free version. However, there are many more beneficial tools available with the subscription.

These features make TubeBuddy win the race in terms of more quick, easy, and efficient management. Though VidIQ is also a reliable source, it somehow does not come as well as TubeBuddy.

6.     Uploading videos

Shortcut features are available with both TubeBuddy and VidIQ on the YouTube upload video screen. The video uploading features of both the tools are very similar.

In terms of adding tags and related features, there is a checklist available with both platforms. However, these two tools are different when it comes to the upload window screen.

The options with TubeBuddy features are organized and managed in a better and clear way. You can also save various default profiles with TubeBuddy. The Thumbnail generator feature for uploaded videos is quite impressive and advantageous.

Plus, you can also get advice and tips from the experts and professionals through the checklist feature of TubeBuddy. You can follow up with these tips and advice to make better future uploads.

All of this is available even with the free version of TubeBuddy. Therefore, uploading videos is more creative and efficient when using TubeBuddy. Undoubtedly, VidIQ does offer great options but not as great as TubeBuddy.

7.     Comparison between plans

As you already know by now, both tools provide a free version as well as paid services. Needless to say that the paid services are more effective and efficient in both cases.

VidIQ Pricing

vidiq pricing

The first one is basic, which is free. The paid plans are :

  • Pro: Price is $7.50 per month
  • Boost: Price is $39 per month
  • Boost+ : Price is $125 per month
Basic version

Let us start with the Basic version, which is free for all the users. You get features of Competitor Tracking (3), Limited Trend Alerts, basic Video Analytics, Video Scorecard, an overview of your YouTube stats, and a live stats bar to see live counts.

Pro Version

With a pro version, you get all the free version features along with Competitor Tracking increased to 6, historical analysis, the best time of the day, top tweets for videos, trending videos and keywords/topics, keyword research tool, and YouTube description campaigns.

Boost Version

With a boost version, you get everything of the pro version along with access to 1, 3, or 5 Channels, Competitor Tracking increased to 20, VidIQ Keyword Engine – 40, 100, or 200 videos per month (price rises for each tier), SEO Title & Description Recommendations, Channel Wide Tags, Bulk SEO Optimization, Video Archival, Facebook Syndication, and Trend Alerts – 5, 10, or 15.


The Boost plus version is more suitable for agencies. It includes everything with the boost version along with Personalized Tips and Tricks, Monthly Coaching Call, 15 Trend Alerts, Up to 5 Channels, VidIQ Keyword Engine (200 videos/month) and Analytics Deep Dive.

Now let’s see the plans and features of TubeBuddy:

TubeBuddy Pricing

tubebuddy pricing

TubeBuddy offers paid plan in three categories :

  • Pro: Price is $9 per month
  • Star (most popular): Price is $19 per month
  • Legend: Price is $49 per month
Free Version

With the free version, you can access channel analysis, channel valuation, upload checklist, emoji picker, and thumbnail generator (limited). You can also use a comments filter (limited) through which you can easily differentiate between negative and positive comments and advance video embed.

Moreover, you get features like coppa center to find what is suitable for kids, Insta-Suggest and live tag suggestions, TubeBuddy Mobile access, keyword explorer (limited), and live subscriber count. All of these are available with the free version.

Pro Version

However, with the Pro subscription of Tubebuddy, you get access to several additional fantastic features. Pro version offers services to publish on Facebook, best practice audits, search rankings, health reports of your channel, channel backup (Limited), video topic planner, and end-screen templates. Along with these, the limited features in the free version don’t stay limited anymore.

Star Version

The star version includes everything in the free and pro version. Along with that, it includes bulk thumbnail overlays, schedule video update, publish or post to Facebook, bulk copy & delete cards, brand alerts, opportunity finder in terms of tags and phrases, double-check for demonetization and sunset videos that also allows removing a video from a playlist.

Legend Version

The legend version includes everything in the free, pro, and star version. It offers additional services like comment spotlight for identifying new comments, Video A/B Tests (limited).

It also has the option to save comments to a CSV file if you want to analyze them. You also get access to a retention analyzer that helps analyze what part of the video was liked or disliked by the users, and competition upload alerts (limited). There are many more, but these are the major ones.

There are more features included, but these are the major ones in both the cases of TubeBuddy and VidIQ. These two platforms offer a lot of features and specifications advantages in their own ways.

However, it can be clearly seen that TubeBuddy is a little ahead of VidIQ when making the plant-based comparison on an overall basis. Sure the choice and preferences can vary between different people/creators with different needs.

8.     Managing comments and dislikes

Another critical feature is how the tool manages and filters the comments and the like to dislike ratio. Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ are quite impressive with their comment filtering features.

Both of them allow you to go through the comments in a filtered order or simply identify between the negative, spam, and positive comments with the free version.

However, VidIQ has an additional feature in the free version that makes it more efficient. This feature is to filter comments through subscriber counts.

You can easily differentiate comments coming from channels with most subscribers and channels with less or no subscribers.

You can also see comments on the basis of questions asked with VidIQ. So, VidIQ is ahead of tubeBuddy with the comment filter in the free version.

VidIQ is more suitable and easy to use in terms of likes to dislike ratio management as well. However, TubeBuddy provides more details on it. So this choice again depends on preferences.

9.     Study of competitor’s motions

Study and analysis of what your competitors are doing is a crucial step in expanding your YouTube Channel.

Both platforms have highly effective tools for this. You can easily access the total views, live count, views per hour, new subscribers gained, and several other metrics.

However, along with these features, TubeBuddy also provides notifications regarding when your competitors post new video content. These notifications include app notifications, email notifications, or text notifications.

You are always free to opt-out from these notifications and turn them off temporarily or permanently. So, TubeBuddy is better at evaluating your competitor’s performance and keeping track of their videos.

10.  Prevent demonetization

YouTube sometimes demonetizes the video content uploaded by creators due to certain guidelines. This is sad but true. To prevent this, you must keep a check on the policies and regulations of YouTube guidelines.

However, managing all of this on your own can actually become a herculean task. But with TubeBuddy, you can keep a check on whether your actions are suitable with YouTube recommendations or not.

It keeps a check on any word through which YouTube can penalize your video, therefore keeping you and your content safe. Moreover, you can also submit your videos for double-checking for demonetization.

VidIQ is also a good tool for this aspect. It detects any keyword or phrase that can be controversial and unsuitable for your viewers. Though TubeBuddy is more specific and accurate in this field, VidIQ is also an option to go for.

11.  Meta-data backup

Meta-data backup is not available with the free version of TubeBuddy. However, it is available with the free version of VidIQ.

Meta-data backup helps you to store your meta-data safely as backups and also manage it with Excel or Google Docs.

Therefore, VidIQ is a more reliable option for storing backups, even in the free version. However, if you wish to choose from the subscription, then you can enjoy the benefits of this feature on both platforms.

12.  Marketing with Social Media

Marketing and promoting your YouTube channel and videos through social media is an extremely helpful way of gathering more views and subscribers. Social media is a perfect platform for attracting the attention of several people and making them visit your YouTube channel through marketing and promotion.

Both platforms offer promotion of your videos on Facebook. The platform of Facebook is widely popular with billions of active users and can be really beneficial for your page.

TubeBuddy is also compatible with promoting YouTube videos on twitter. Plus, both platforms monitor engagement stats on various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook as well as Reddit.

13.  Discounts Subscription

Both of these platforms offer fascinating discounts and coupons. In the case of TubeBuddy, it offers more than ten discount coupons and other deals for its paid users. Some of its deals even offer more than 30% discount, which is really appealing to customers and users.

TubeBuddy gets a cutting edge over VidIQ in terms of discount perks. This is because VidIQ does not provide many appealing deals and discounts with their paid subscription.

14.  Interface and navigation

A complicated interface is definitely not ideal for easy navigation. Consumers always look for something that is easy to manage and is equally efficient.

In the case of TubeBuddy, you will find the interface basically divided into two sections. You can expand and explore in these sections for availing more features and functions. The partition actually helps in sorting out the tools and making the navigations easier.

The design and development in TubeBuddy is easy to manage and straightforward. This helps in reducing any kind of complications while using the application. It offers more personalization for both casual and seasonal customers.

VidIQ also uses a simple interface of black and white color combinations. You can find everything on one screen and make selections from there to explore more. VidIQ has kept its interface very user friendly with absolutely no complexities at all.

Both platforms offer a user-friendly interface for working

Therefore, it is a tie between them under this perspective.

So this was the crucial comparison between TubeBuddy and VidIQ. It may look like TubeBuddy is more efficient in many of the categories or fields. However, the choice, in the end, is of preferences.

Which One Is Better between VidIQ and TubeBuddy?

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ are strong competitors with unique specifications and potential suitable for different types of requirements.

One can also try using both the tools, especially the free versions, simultaneously. However, that will be extremely complicated as managing the YouTube channel with two different platforms can be confusing and overlapping.

You will probably have to disable some of the features and panels in order to utilize both the tools for the same purpose. However, that still will be complicated and tricky.

Using one out of the two is definitely more compatible and easier to handle and manage. But the question of which one to select can be tricky as both the platforms are extremely beneficial with gaining views and subscribers and also offering the subscribers great content.

However, if you look at these two at the pricing terms, then TubeBuddy seems to be more suitable and helpful. This is because the prices of VidIQ are higher with its premium features, and the services are somewhat less when compared to that of TubeBuddy.

If we follow people’s choices, then again, TubeBuddy has more users than VidIQ.

On the contrary, VidIQ users share that TubeBuddy is not so appealing in terms of privacy of the content. The tool requires partnership with channels that includes the sharing of private information.

In the end, it is indeed your choice to use any one of them. It depends on whether you want more qualities in features or more quantities of features. User-friendliness and convenience also matter a lot. Moreover, you need to deem the budget scheme of the platforms.

However, if you still are not very sure, then do not worry as you always have the opportunity to use both of them for free with their free versions. By using the free versions, you can make a judgment by yourself on which one you find more suitable for you and your channel requirements.

Final Note

Through this discussion, we have seen all the crucial details of the different specifications for both platforms and ways to use them. We can easily conclude that both TubeBuddy and VidIQ have fantastic features that are indeed very beneficial and helpful for establishing a good YouTube channel with great content.

Both tools are very helpful in gaining subscribers and views and analyzing the likes and dislikes of the audience and the trends.

With so many benefits and features, it indeed becomes complicated to figure out what is the perfect solution for you.

However, with the detailed comparison discussed above, it becomes easier for a person to decide which one will be more suitable for them and their channel preferences and needs/requirements.

Undoubtedly, both of them are highly effective and recommendable. Therefore, the chances of a person making the wrong choice between the two is unlikely. Both of the options of Tubebuddy and VidIQ can help and play an essential role in your YouTube channel’s success story.

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