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Visual Customer Service in the Digital Age


Social media is no longer only used for marketing, but it has also become a powerful tool for customer service.

Social customer service was ranked as one of the top six customer service trends in 2014. The reality is, customers want to interact with brands and businesses on a daily basis. The only way to make this possible is if businesses become more active on social media and incorporate visual content into their customer service strategies.

There are a number of benefits to incorporating visual-based platforms into your social customer service strategy. Clearly, visual social networks can increase response time, increase word-of-mouth, and distribute information quickly.

Visual content and social media have greatly improved communication between brands and their customers. If you’re thinking about incorporating more visuals into your customer service strategy, check out the following tips:

1. Build customer relationships
Most businesses view social media as a platform for selling their product or service. However, social media must be used as a tool for creating two-way conversations with customers.

Brands can use visual platforms such as Google Plus Hangouts to provide customer service for customers and answer questions during live video sessions. Google Plus Hangouts can also be used to host webinars and teach customers how to use their product or service.

Another great way to reach customers is to create a YouTube channel for your business. YouTube receive four billion views each day and businesses can use YouTube to publish live interviews and offer feedback for customers.

2. Provide helpful content on a daily basis
The number one reason why customers will read a business’ blog or follow it on social media is to learn more about their offering. If your blog doesn’t offer videos or visual content featuring your products, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to engage your customers and increase conversion rates.

To reach more customers, consider publishing tutorial videos on YouTube or creating promotional videos on Instagram. These are great ways to get the word out about your product and engage your customers through a visual platform.

3. Be creative when delivering visual content
Not only should your content be helpful, but it should also be creative and entertaining. Engage your customers by delivering creative content that relates to your audience.

Social networks such as Instagram and Vine are fun platforms for delivering visual content. For example, use Instagram to publish short product demos or launch a hashtag campaign. Brands can also use Vine to answer common customer questions or publish a creative product release.

4. Reply to customers publicly whenever possible
Your social networks should welcome customers to voice their praise or complaints at any time. When a customer does reach out (whether it’s good or bad), do your best to respond to the customer directly on the social platform they contacted you by. This will strengthen the relationship between you and the customer.

5. Be committed to your social customer service strategy
Although social media is a powerful tool for your customer service strategy, it’s also very demanding of your time and effort. Research shows that 42 percent of customers expect a response from the business within 60 minutes of reaching out on social media.

When using social media as a part of your customer service strategy, make your customers a priority. Be sure to answer their questions within 30 to 60 minutes and be human with your responses. Remember, customers want to feel like they’re talking to a person when they reach out to a brand on social media, so be kind and transparent with your online voice.

Visual content and social media has changed the way businesses interact with their customers, so take advantage of this, and plan to succeed.

Tanya Charlotte

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