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What Do Most YouTubers Use To Edit Their Videos?

Creating YouTube videos has become a trend nowadays. Best known professional YouTubers, as well as beginners, are all into video creation, and such activity makes them discover many different tools, software, and techniques that can help them edit and make their videos more appealing and engaging.

Many video editors would agree that microphones and cameras are not enough to come up with professionally made YouTube videos. Excellent footage is also required to engage the audience. Videos must be unique, feature-rich, and must be able to tell a unique story to capture the interest and attention of viewers and make them eager to view your videos more. There should be an established connection. This is one way you can tell that your videos pose positive impacts and influence to your viewers.

If you want the best videos, you need to pay close attention to editing. Editing is, in fact, one of the most crucial aspects of post-production. But editing videos can be a lot better, easier, and more effective if you have the right editor tools in place. Using these tools can help you come up with killer and eye-catching YouTube videos.

So, what do most YouTubers use to edit their videos? But before you put all your time and effort in choosing the best YouTube video editor, there are factors that you need to consider first.

Factors to be taken into Account to Ensure You’ll End Up with the Best YouTube Video Editing Software

  • Price and Budget

One of the best places to begin to decide on the amount you’re willing to pay is the price and budget. Numerous video editing software is available for free, but most, if not all, have poor and low-quality performance, limited support on the file format, lack of main editing features, and more other limitations. The best video editing software might cost thousands of dollars but have many great features that you cannot find in free versions. The software you should use must serve all your YouTube video editing needs.


  • Ease of Use/Learning Curve

Another imperative factor to consider when choosing video editing software is how easy for users to learn and master It. The last thing you want is to buy software and then spend many months using it to edit your videos. Choose video editing software providing auto or express modes and editing templates that help you create videos quickly and import media, choose the preferred style of video and other related tasks.


  • Advanced Video Editing Tools

If you want to take your YouTube videos to new heights, you need to invest in software with the most advanced editing features and tools. If you are serious in creating videos that impress, you must have a powerful tool to dazzle and amaze your viewers.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, other important factors to consider are music, special effects, customer support, and other perks.

Now back to the editing software, what do most YouTubers use to edit their videos?

Unveiling the Best YouTube Video Editor Tools that Most YouTubers Use To Edit Their Videos

It is true that there are countless video editing tools available these days, but here are the most used YouTube video editors:

Final Cut

Final Cut pro Logo

If you are one of the many asking what do most YouTubers use to edit their videos, you will surely come across the name Final Cut. This is undeniably one of the best editing software available today that can be used in creating and editing high quality videos. Final Cut is an excellent tool to learn with, and you can even continue using even for years.

This is considered one of the best software for editing YouTube videos because this is packed with great programs and high-end features such as advanced and impressive color grading, HDR support, and Magnetic Timeline that makes finding as well as arranging scenes a breeze. You will also appreciate and love other top tier features, such as multichannel audio tools and noise reduction systems.

You will also appreciate the Multicam feature of this video editing software, especially if you are working on numerous angles. This specific feature allows you to view 16 different angles simultaneously and then sync up to about 64 angles. This program is, in fact, being used by many video editors in movie industries. The support given by this editing software is excellent, and you’ll have many third party applications that you can work as well.

Another amazing thing about Final Cut Pro X is its ability to work with 360-degree videos. This is a great advantage, particularly if you are working with VR. If you also wanted to add some closed captions to videos, unify the colors or edit your YouTube channel videos, Final Cut Pro got you covered.



  • Excellent tools
  • 4K & HDR
  • Limitless video tracks
  • Easy to use
  • VR support


  • Not really suited for very simple edits
  • For Mac only

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

 premiere pro cc logo

Adobe has successfully produced outstanding and impressive designs on software for many decades now. This includes programs for YouTubers or those who prefer editing videos rather than photos or instead of creating graphics that are Vector based. Adobe Premiere Pro is an ultimate solution for video editing and also one of the standard tools utilized in Hollywood nowadays.

If you are planning to work with VR or 4K videos, this software can handle these kinds of formats.  Adobe Premiere Pro CC can even deal with 8C and provides end to end VR 180 support so you can easily and directly publish to YouTube. If you’re planning to edit along with the others, you can actually do so with the help of a virtual screening room and then invite individuals into your project.

Premiere Rush CC is another cool feature that YouTubers will surely like. This enables them to create content using their mobile device and then share these contents to social media without the need to access a personal computer. This tool might appeal simple but very effective when editing your files and videos and bringing them to the next level. By using this editing tool, your social circle will surely be amazed and impressed.

Many video editors love the many effects to choose from. Services such as Audition, After Effects, and Stock seamlessly work with Premier Pro together with some third party applications. In a nutshell, this video editing software has almost everything you need in a single package. What is more, the price of this software makes this appealing to both amateurs and professional editors.

But there is one drawback. Adobe is now subscription-based, so you can’t purchase Premier Pro outright anymore; however, this is still available for Windows and Mac. You will need to settle your payments by the year or month with set prices beginning at around $20, but this still depends on how long you wanted to sign up initially. This is also alternatively available through Creative Cloud Bundle, together with Photoshop and 30 other applications costing $52.99 every month.


  • A broad range of formats
  • More streamlined interface
  • Excellent support
  • Top notch tools
  • Designed for professionals


  • Subscription-based model


PowerDirector logo

Over the years, media has certainly changed, but Cyberlink has remained a name that you can rely on and turn to. Whether you’re planning to author DVDs or edit your videos, Cyberlink has the tools you need, including PowerDirector. This is what most YouTubers also use to edit your videos. This is proven to be an excellent program for all those avid YouTube streamers.

This editing tool is widely known as one of the fastest and most effective editing tools around with its incredible and quick TrueVelocity engine. You will be impressed with how this tool quickly deals with any export or clip. This is current, so you can, therefore, access the latest formats. This simply means that 4K is now just a few clicks away. There are also lots of tools for 360-degree video footage.

This special feature is one of the main reasons this program was actually made the real cut. From here, users can put in PiP objects, set and then switch and stabilize angle footage from the shaky camera. Those who are fond of action sports will also enjoy motion tracking and the action camera center. The latter can work on some problems resulting from action cams such as the dreaded fish eye. On the other hand, motion tracking is very handy, particularly for moving objects and enables users to precisely track people and objects.

If you want chroma key for the green screen tasks, this software can offer you this along with other high-end features such as screen capture, Multicam designer, video blending, color correction, and more. Many would agree that PowerDirector is one of the most accessible software available nowadays

Cyberlink actually has editing software in its tier system; therefore, you can have three possible options in terms of purchasing such software or program.  Purchasing outright with the Ultimate version can be done; however, you will receive continuous updates such as in the Ultimate 365 subscription plan.

Subscription 365 is also a good option that includes everything from other bundles, including added perks.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Top of the line rendering speeds
  • 3D and 4K capable
  • Reasonably priced
  • 360° video tools


  • Color tools could have been better
  • Windows only


filmora9 logo

Not all editing software or programs cost a lot. Indeed, the absolute best video editing software for YouTube is Filmora9. This program is offered by Wondershare in three distinct versions. However, even the Premium tier sports a decent cost.

Focusing on the unlimited version that provides almost everything that video editors need, this incorporates more than 1000 video effects, and new effects are even added and included every month alongside technical support and free updates for life. This is indeed a bigger set up from the free programs yet at the same time simple to utilize in case you are a novice because of the theme system.

Filmora9 permits you to cut up your YouTube recordings or tailor them to suit your requirements through an assortment of transitions and filters. Controls are instinctive, and a lot of cutting edge features are offered to keep highly experienced clients intrigued and interested in the Full Feature mode. This mode opens more advanced tuning of colors, action cam instrument, freeze outline, power tool, and freeze frame together with a slew of other good options.

While this misses some of the crucial features in the past years, it now covers vital areas. You will receive 4K support and a set of powerful action tools for correction and stabilization of your videos. Also, social sharing seems simple. Thus, you will be able to upload YouTube videos and even upload more videos on different social media sites in just a few seconds.

Filmora9 is readily available and accessible for Windows and Mac systems and offered in an individual plan, or you can buy a permit for business and for educational use. The free trial allows you to try before you purchase, yet watermark should be included in the finished item. You can likewise get this product on a yearly membership or under unlimited or lifetime plans with costs beginning at $69 and running as far as up to $160 for unlimited or lifetime plans with sound and video effects.


  • Lots of export formats
  • Great price points
  • Excellent action camera tools
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Lack of some advanced tools
  • Not really as speedy as other programs

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle logo

In case you have utilized a PC in the past 10 to 20 years, there’s a possibility to have used a Corel program. Apex Studio 23 is the most recent adaptation of their top-level editing software, and one to watch out for in the event that you need strong and reliable editing software for your exclusive YouTube videos.

Pinnacle Studio is stuffed full of impressive and cool features that permit you to edit videos effortlessly. This even includes the beginners who are just starting out to learn the ropes and experienced users who are searching for features such as audio ducking, motion tracking, and 360-degree videos.

Just like the most editing software nowadays, there are three levels or tiers to choose from in this Pinnacle Studio. This allows you to edit up to six HD recordings and gives you streamlined color grading, more than 1500 split-screen video, video effects, and two-channel Dolby Digital support. You will no longer need green screen software, and this is with the help of the Chroma key. You can share or export content and then shares them to well-known channels such as YouTube and Facebook.

With Plus version, editing 24 HD tracks and detaching audio or placing chips with great precision can be done with three and 4-point editing. 5.1 upgraded Dolby and the XAVC S support are added, making this a good overall tier. If you are aiming for the best, you will need Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate that delivers 24K editing to play, including the unlimited streams.

You will certainly need this solid machine to run this software. The good thing is that pricing is complete across the board. If you are interested in the Standard version, note that this cost around $59 the Plus costs around $99, and the Ultimate Version costs $129. However, this isn’t Mac-friendly. This program is fully compatible with Windows, and the trial version is provided in case you wanted to perform some test run.


  • More than 1500 effects
  • Advanced and impressive color grading
  • Three and 4-point editing
  • 4K editing
  • Excellent sound tools


  • 360 editing could have been better
  • Occasional crashes


Animoto logo

Animoto is the best software to turn to when it comes to editing videos and giving content engagement a boost. This is the leading tool that you must use if you want your YouTube videos to stand out, Animoto is definitely the tool you need for video creation and editing. You can also drive traffic and get more attention to your YouTube channel with professional and stunning videos made using this video editing software.

Animoto makes it easier to create as well as edit your videos and get your brand, and your entire content gets noticed. From recipes, marketing, promos, tutorials, slideshows to square videos, this software can do jobs like no other. However, there are very minimal limitations. If you barely make money from your YouTube channel to buy high-end software and you do not have high editing demands, Animoto is also the best video editing tool for you. This will surely do a great job.


  • Quickly customize text, aspect ratio, colors and styles
  • Music and stock library
  • Single click voice-over tool
  • Pre-built templates for storyboard
  • HD downloads
  • Easy to use
  • Instant social media share
  • Easy integration on social media
  • Stronger online community
  • Polished and professional-looking videos


  • Unable to make refined changes to a single frame
  • Not really suited for higher video editing demands
  • Limited edit styles
  • Lack features for the individual video clip

Helpful Tips to Edit YouTube Videos like a Pro

YouTube has become widely popular, and this has risen from plain video hosting website to a huge, incredible platform providing individuals all sorts of opportunities to produce content and perhaps to build careers out of the videos they make. If you wanted to jump into the professional bandwagon, some basic video editing skills are required and needed to be learned.

Videos that are truly engaging should have a balanced combination of contents and quality. You do not need ultimately expensive tools for as long as you have reasonably priced yet best YouTube video editing tools such as the ones mentioned above, and you understand the basics of film editing, you can create a well-edited, stunning and engaging video on YouTube.

To edit videos like a pro, the following tips can help you:

  • Organize then Trim Your Videos in Clips

While it might be most effortless to just sit down and cause your whole video in one to go, that can likewise make the procedure challenging and conceivably ruin a whole video in cayou’re’re hindered or slip up your discourse. Smaller clips can actually be edited and converged into well-formatted videos.


You can trim the start and endings of clips, leaving you more space to move around, straighten out the setting or camera and roll out any changes need to the content or your workspace without restarting the video from the top.


  • Exporting to YouTube is also a Great Idea

Video editing tools and software is substantially more advanced and functional as compared to YouTube’s video editor; you’ll have the option to play out the kind of trimming and merging mentioned including adding overlays, effects, and transitions. You can also upload any file under 20 GB to YouTube. The formats recognized are as follows:

  • WMV
  • MOV
  • MPEG4 (.mp4)
  • 3GPP
  • AVI
  • FLV

You will be able to edit as many videos as you want in one of the given programs and then export them to YouTube and, finally, publish them. It might take a while to export and upload videos, but video quality will certainly be enhanced, and added efforts that you have taken will surely show.

  • Make Varied Shots

Rather than keeping the camera fixed the entire span of the videos, you can consider trying different angles or edges while shooting. Clearly, this may not be relevant and always applicable to each kind of video, yet remember that individuals need to feel interested and engaged while viewing a video if you really wanted them to finish and ask for more. Except if you have something ultimately critical to say, watching you talk for about ten minutes gazing straightforwardly at the camera tends to grow old quickly.

In the event that you have an individual channel and appreciate conversing with your crowd, consider stirring up those sit-downs with certain shots taken all over the town and in your everyday life. Vlogging is far beyond simply gazing into a camera lens for quite a long time.


  • Effects and Transitions

When editing videos with various parts, utilizing effects and transitions can have a gigantic effect on the general quality, regardless of whether your video happens in different settings you’re simply progressing between different subjects of discussion, transitory effects obviously shows real thought and professionalism. The majority of video editing tools come with transitions already, and you can easily apply and make the necessary adjustments down into the second.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, do not forget to use one of the best video editing software mentioned above if you want to edit your videos on YouTube and make them stand out.


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